Are You Obtuse, Clint?

Are You Obtuse, Clint?


R.E. Prindle

     I watched Clint Eastwood’s spot on the Super Bowl with a combined sense of disbelief and sadness.  Here was the indomitable hero Rowdy Yates, Dirty Harry and the Unforgiven staggering down a tunnel, bouncing off the walls like a stumbling drunk while lamenting the good old days.

     He says he was not speaking for Obama yet he bore Obama’s shame like a stinking badge.  Detroit is coming back!  Doesn’t Obama wish this badge of Negro incapacity could come back.  Clint have you looked at pictures of the former Motor City lately?  They don’t make cars there anymore, Clint.  They don’t make anything there anymore.  They don’t even have grocery stores.  It not looks like Dresden after the carpet bombing, it looks like Dresden after they bulldozed the ruins.   In effect there isn’t any Detroit let alone car manufactories.   Good god, Clint, catch up on the reality of the situation.

     The US isn’t going to come back, Clint.  In case you haven’t been paying attention the Money Trust shipped all the jobs and the money, at least the National Debt, to China.  Were there voices raised in anger and waning, Clint?  You bet.  But perhaps you didn’t hear them.  Every Domestic Terrorist, as Obama calls us, raised an objection.  Still do.

     We have double digit unemployment Clint, and yet, they  bring in or let in millions every year and then give what jobs there are to them while Aryans are denied liveihoods.  Obama calls it redistributing the wealth, Clint.  Has any of this gotten through to you, Clint?

     Keep your whipped dog attitude to yourself.  Cut off the nation’s tail and give us a chance.  When there is no tail to wag us or for us to wag then there will be change we can believe in.


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