Forward Thinking- Gingrich’s Anti-Semitic Dog Whistle

Newt Gringrich’s Anti-Semitic Dog Whistle


R.E. Prindle

Gal Beckerman of Forward Magazine

Apparently going unnoticed is the breakup of the old Republican-Democrat political system  as the two old partys are being transfomed into racial blocs or actual racial Partys.  Obama and My People Holder are leaders of the Negro Party while Hispanic, Moslem and Asian/Chinese Partys are emerging.  And, of course, there is the small but powerful Party of the 2% or Jews.

     The majority population of Aryans is divided into Liberal and Conservative factions while having little to no racial consciousness.  In fact the Liberals aways side with the minority Partys.  Thus until an Aryan Consciousness can be formed which solidifies into a conscious Aryan identity the Aryans are going to be at the mercy of the combined Liberal/Racial Partys, so far as they can maintain a combination.

     In the new political climate then slurs like racist, anti-Semite and whatever are merely political defamations having no deeper significance than calling someone a prick  On you too, pal.

     Thus the Jewish Party’s defamation of Newt Gingrich in the above linked article has no significance.  All it takes to be an anti-Semite is not vote the Jewish ticket.  Big deal; who cares?

     Thus the article linked above by Gal Beckerman, who is a guy, is mere Jewish political polemics.  Of course, Gingrich is not an anti-Semite as Gal knows; he actually turns it up for the Jewish Party.

     When Newt Gingrich is called out for using the phrase ‘food stamp president’ he fiercely defends the idea that he is simply pointing out the obvious.

     Well, Gal, unless you’re deaf, dumb and blind that is the obvious.  As a member of the Jewish Party and an ally of the Negro Party you are merely taking a partisan stance, Gingrich’s statement does not make him an evil racist.  Racist and anti-Semite are the trite defamatory condemnations of the two Partys you represent.

     And then, Gal, you go on to say that Gingrich’s reference to Bama Lama as a Saul Alinsky radical is code for Jews qua Jews and not as members of the Jewish Party.  You’re sorta living in the past, Gal, you’ve got to catch up.

     Cognitive Dissonanc, Gal, Cognitive Dissonance  Bama Lama is a Saul Alinsky radical, he is  Bill Ayers’ Weatherman candidate and ‘you people’ got the Alinsky radical elected.

     You continue saying that Alinsky was a fine fellow who was merely out to help the ‘poor people’ of Chicago.  Well, in Jewish and Negro lingo we all know that ‘poor people’ is code for AG Holder’s ‘people’  In other words, Negroes.  You say Alinsky was trying to get ‘poor people’ jobs.  Well, on that basis Alinsky was one piss poor organizer.  The Negro unemployment rate today is higher than it was back then while I am sure Alinsky was drinking an excellent single malt.

     As a clincher, Gal:

     But what’s even stranger about Gingrich’s incessant mentioning of Alinsky in conjuction with Obama is that the president himself has never mentioned Alinsky as an influence– never.  Obama was 10 when Alinsky died in 1972.

     Great logick, Gal, have you ever heard of Moses, or, even, Karl Marx?  Moses has been an influence of both Obama and you but neither ever, ever mentions his name– ever. And the same for Marx, Obama never mentions his name– never.  Marx has been a great influence on all of us yet he died in the nineteenth century before Obama, you, me or any of us was born   Do you happen to know the date of Moses’ death?

     One expects slander and defamation in politics, Gal, but for G-d’s sake try to maintain a decent level of logic.  Cognitive Dissonance, bear that in mind when you write.  The Aryan Party isn’t composed of fools you know.

Disclaimer:  I an not an employee or admirer of Newton Gingrich.   In an election between he and Bama Lama I will throw my ballot in the ditch where it may be picked up by either candidate and put to ill use.


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