What’s So Great About Monotheism?



R.E. Prindle

     Religious types are always lauding monotheism as though it was the apex of Man’s desiring.  Actually it’s a narrow bigoted approach to intelligence and understanding, stultifying in the extreme.  The polytheistic Olympian or even Hindu religion  is much more intelligent and superior to monotheism.  If one considers the Aryan invention of the University as a sort of church or temple to learning then compare it to the monotheistic Semitic model with its three great cults, Christian, Judaic and Moslem.

     In Semitism one idol of so-called knowledge is set up as an inflexible standard from which it is a crime to deviate.  Adherents are expected to memorize with no variation so that they can be catechized.  Absolutely no room for development; one is forced into an intellectual procustean bed.

     Thus we have the Caliph, the Pope and the Rabbinate as arbiters of what can be thought, said or understood.  To hell with freedom as the Moslems say.

     Now, consider the University as an expression of Aryan Olympianism.   While attributes of life are symbolized as gods in the Olympic religion; in the secular University the gods are symbolized by Departments of learning: Physics, Mathematics, History, Psychology, Chemistry etc.   Each department, or god, then, investigates an area of ignorance turning it into useful, beneficial knowledge while Christian knowledge, Jewish knowledge or Moslem knowledge subordinates and stultifies the mind to a static enduring ingnorance requiring submission to Rabbi, Priest or Imam.  Can anything be more ridiculous than Semitism?

     I say, to hell with monotheism; up with polytheism.  The New Mythology of the Aquarian Age will be polymorphic.


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