The Most Important Battleground II

The Most Important Battleground II


R.E. Prindle

…and the most important battleground of all: that of ideas and language.

–Adam Kirsch

     I think Adam Kirsch is correct, the battle is a battle of minds or as he says of ideas and language.  The most  immediately successful approach is to disregard the role of ideas which are always debateable and concentrate on language of which the best approach is to silence your opponents so that they can’t use any.  Thus whatever is said, accuse them of anti-Semitism thus closing their mouths.  This has been a successful tactic of the 2%.

     At the same time ideas have to be conquered.  Thus, playing her fiddle over in Sweden is Barbara Spectre attempting to put ‘Jewish knowledge’ on an equal footing with Aryan Science.  It is difficult to imagine what this Jewish knowledge is and why it is being kept under wraps.   As it is practiced apparently only by Jews it is difficult to imagine what this Jewish knowledge is.  Whatever it is it has been no competitor with Aryan knowledge or in another word- Science.  Either that or it is so powerful the Jews want to keep it to themselves while not employing it in their affairs.

     Science has been a devastating blow to the foundations of Judaism.  The Jewish response has been, on one hand to deny it, on the other to subvert it.  The truth however will shine like a beacon.  The truth is that if Jewish knowledge is discredited, which it actually has been,  then there is no basis for Judaism.  This is an intolerable situation for Judaism, but, they are between a rock and a hard place.

     What are they to do, accept science and disappear, or succumb to inner wishful thining and insist on a falsehood?

     Barbara Spectre and her Paideia program having usurped an Aryan name wish to compel the recognition of  ‘Jewish knowledge’ by legislation.  There is no need to go to that trouble or expense just show us your ‘Jewish knowledge.’  Let us analyze it and if it is better than Science she and her Jews may rest assured we will quickly embrace it and improve on it making both our lives better.  A perfect symbiotic relationship.

     I call on Adam and the editors of Next Book who own Tablet Ezine to lay down their cards face up and show us this ‘Jewish knowledge’  Even a war of ideas and language may resolve itself into a shooting war if not quickly resolved.  We Aryans deplore that possibility.

     All that need be done to avoid the possibility is that the Jews stop hoarding their cache of knowledge and reveal it to ourselves.

     Now, isn’t that a reasonable request, Adam?  Use your influence.


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