How Not To Be Offended


How Not To Be Offended


R.E. Prindle

     Here yet another indication of the progressing failure of globalism and multi-culturalism that should destroy any Liberals expectations and send them spinning into a deep depression.

     News from 1/13/12:

          …we’re off to India with an issue that’s a problem not just for Google, but also for Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft.  Indian government has approved a court case that seeks to hold the aforementioned companies responsible for material deemed unacceptable and/or offensive.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the push for the companies to filter (censor) content came out of an individual complaint over obscenity and content that may be offensive to people of different races or religions.  An Indian court has ordered top execs from the companies to appear before it in March, according to Reuters.  The Reuters report also includes this threat from an Indian judge:  “Like China, we can block out such websites (that don’t comply).  But let us not go to that situation.

     St. Lenny Bruce can be heard protesting from his grave; he who made obscenity legal for TV, Movies and the drawing room.  It does appear that not all cultures are compatible or else we have an international conspiracy against freedom of expression.

     In any event unless the Four are willing to capitulate to censorship the www will lose India and become the www-1.  Well, I say let India ban the web, though I do have a valuable readership there.  I guess we all have to make some sacrifices for freedom, don’t we?

     I can’t believe the loss of India would affect the Four all that much and, even if it did, the loss of freedom would affect the www even more.

     It is clear that different cultures have different standards of freedom of expression.  All cultures are obviously not equal.  To fear offending any one person is to offend all others making offending universal.  What do I care what offends anyone else if it doesn’t offend me and why should what offends me be denied you if it doesn’t offend you.  Expression grinds to a halt.  It is called give and take.  If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen.   Any individual having determined a site is offensive to him, no matter what the site is saying or showing, nothing is easier than to avoid that site.

     It is totally irrelevant what is contained on any website; it can’t be offensive unless you voluntarily go to it.  You have to search a website out.  If it is willfully obtrusive then it can be removed.  So, India has no valid complaint.  Don’t complain about a site; don’t go back.  Nothing even to turn off.  Blogger’s trick of quarantining sites that ‘offend’ some obnoxious twerp is indefensible.

     If we’re going to have globalism then everyone on the globe has to cooperate.  If you don’t like a site, don’t visit.


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