Killing Iranian Scientists Is Not Terrorism- Johnathan S. Tobin

Killing Iranians Is Not Terrorism

A Response


R.E. Prindle

Mad Johnny Tobin

        If it isn’t, then what is?  Morality and the Jews.  Johnathan S. Tobin and Commentary Magazine are certainly crazy ravers who lack a moral compass.

     Anyone who believes Iran should be allowed to proceed toward the building of a nuclear bomb has either lost their moral compass or is so steeped in the belief that America and Isreali interests are inherently unjustified they have reversed the moral equation in this case.

    While I am perfectly content to allow Mad Johnny Tobin his right to express his views in this case or in any other I do not choose to be slandered as evil for having a different opinion.  Next thing we’ll hear is that I am anti-Semite.

     I do NOT believe that Israeli/Jewish interests are in any way compatible with the other 98% of Americans.  I do NOT believe that any country surrounded by fifty nuclear armed US airbases placing any part of Iran with a sixty minute reach is a threat to anyone but themselves.

     I do NOT believe that any State, people or individual has a right to assassinate anyone, nuclear scientist or otherwise, because in their sole paranoia they consider him as a potential threat.  I do not believe is preemptive murder based in paranoia.

     I do insist on a modicum of logic.  Mad Johnny says he feels Jews are threatened by Iran and so all Iranians should be killed by US soldiers not Jewish soldiers who are underrepresented in the US military.  It won’t be Jews coming back in body bags.

     While, Mad Johnny is worried by a second holocaust, I don’t believe that it is the same second holocaust that I worry about that which  is proposed by Jewish spokesperson Noel Ignatiev to exterminate one billion Whites.  Given the Jewish attitude toward myself and my fellows I am little concerned whether Iranians exterminate Jews or not.  No I do not believe our interests are identical.  While Rabbi Schneerson may have believed that the fingernail of Jew’s little finger is worth more than the whole rest of mankind I do not share the good Rabbi’s opinion.  Yea, verily, call me anti-Semite and I’ll throw it back in your face.

     No, I will not acquiesce in anyone’s right to murder according to the dictates of their paranoia.  I remember the movie The Boys From Brazil, which is Jewish paranoia run wild, in which Jews murdered a dozen little boys for fear they might grow up as duplicate Wolf Hitler’s with the same success.  Sheer madness, Mad Johnny and Commentary, sheer madness.

Make A Move Iran, I Dare Ya


2 comments on “Killing Iranian Scientists Is Not Terrorism- Johnathan S. Tobin

  1. My question is whether you consider an expansionist Iran, with burgeoning relationships in South America and even Cuba, as a threat to anyone but itself?

    If Iran were the put-upon, non-aggressor that so many make them out to be, I could concede that we have no business in THEIR business. But, I know Iran’s intentions to be sinister, its methods brutal and its commitment to armed conflict religious.

    Israel and the United States have a moral obligation to protect their citizens from a military confrontation of nuclear proportions. Anyone colluding with the Iranian theocracy to hasten that confrontation is a combatant and, thus, accepts the consequence.

  2. You mention theocracy. Would that be Moslem theocracy? Would that mean Moslem expansionism rather than Iranian expansion per se? If that is the case then why concentrate on one fragment of the Moslem theocracy which extends from the Middle East to Indonesia, from Siberia to India, when the problem is not Iran per se but theocratic Moslemism.

    If I were to suggest to you that Moslemism is the enemy and you said yes you would be in conflict with the Israeli/US government you support and which denies explicitly Moslem terrorism. So, how then do you resolve your dilemma?

    If Iran is a nation then Iran can be dealt with; if it is an element in the theocratic Moslem conspiracy then it can’t. But the conflict is yours. You can’t have it both ways. If you are right in your assessment then murder ayatollahs rather than scientists. Go after the Saudi princes. The Moslem leaders are to blame not the scientists. Murder ayatollahs and prove your sincerity.

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