Jewish Knowledge Vs. Aryan Knowledge

Jewish Knowledge Versus Aryan Knowledge


R.E. Prindle

Barbara Spectre

The recent establishment of the Jewish Paideia movement in Sweden by Barbara Spectre brings to the fore the current contest between Semitism and Aryanism.  Now, Spectre and her fellow Jews apparently believe that two forms of ‘knowledge’ can exist side by side- Aryan Science vs. Semitic superstition.

While I have been calling for the Jews to reveal this so-called Jewish knowledge to the world so that its validity can be judged against the only valid knowledge there is, that of Science, so far my lone still voice crying in the wilderness has been ignored.

Jay Michaelson

There is good reason for the Jews to refuse to reveal their knowledge lest it be found false.  The Copernican, Darwininian and Freudian revolulutions have invalidated the very foundations of Arien Age religions such as Judaism so that Jewish pretences to specialness depend solely on the validity of ‘Jewish knowledge.’  If this so-called knowledge once revealed and found spurious, as it surely will, then the whole notion of Jewish separateness is merely insane and no more.  This is the great Jewish fear.

The current spate of Semitic fundamentalism whether Jewish, Moslem or Christian is founded on the reaction to this fear.  Hence we have the insanities perpetrated by the Semitic religions- their fear of Darwinism and Freudianism and yes, even the rejection of Copernicanism.  Yes, Freud was right, these were the three great blows to the foundations of Semitism.

Atavistic Jewish fundamentalism has now advanced to the point where ‘secular’ Jews are forced to renounce it.  Jay Michaelson is fast approaching the age of reason where he feels he must either accept fundamentalism or reject Judaism.

Writing in the Jewish Daily Forward Jay says:

     The spate of communal misogyny in Israel and the United States [and Europe], carried out under the pretext of a religious mandate, yet unjustified even by ultra-Orthodox interpretations of Halacha, Haredic America’s wall of silence about sexual abuse, and a variety of other scandals in the Haredi world, such as the targeting of a dissident Hasid in New Square, N.Y. and allegations of financial improprieties.  All these have made headlines.

Yes, the fundamentalists have set themselves in defiance of the modern world, Science if you will, and proclaim Arien Age ‘Jewish knowledge’ as the standard of the world.  They set aside the will and the law of the majority for their special Shariia or Talmudic law.  Religion and Science, Jewish knowledge and Aryan knowledge are reaching the point where one or the other must show the white feather.

      And worst of all, I think, is the sneaking suspicion many Jews have that Haredim are the ‘real Jews.’

Jay is right.  The Haredim are the real Jews inspissated into the essence of Judaism as it existed in the Pale Of Settlement before Jews from Germany sought to instill Science into this mass of current religious ignorance.  These Haredim are the real Tevyes, Jay.  These are the Jews who emigrated to the US from 1871 to 1920.  This is Zionism.  Jay is horrified by this manifestation of  real Judaism, Jewish knowledge of the Barbara Spectre and her Paideia sort.

We Aryans demand of the Jews- show us your cards, reveal this Jewish knowledge.  If it is superior to science, have no fear, we will become both vanquished and Jews.  You will have attained your goal.  We don’t want to live in ignorance:  Show us your superior knowledge.  One or the other must be truth and truth and falsehood cannot live side by side.  We are ready for the Jewish knowledge challenge.  Give it!

      Jewish fundamentalism…is a recent phenonemon.  All fundamentalisms arose in response to modernity, and all grasp onto an invented history and invented authenticity to justify ever more reactionary policies.

Then Jay concludes:  If this is the Jewish future, count me out.  Welcome to the club, Jay, we rejected this inept Jewish fantasy thousands of years ago.


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