Why Iowa Shouldn’t Vote First Anymore

Why Iowa Shouldn’t Vote First Anymore


R.E. Prindle


Michael Crowley

The US is certainly not a democracy anymore but what does one call it?  Plutocracy might come close but more and more it seems to be one big movie set with instead of a President, a Director in control of the set who can do whatever he pleases.  The writers putting together the script (see the movie, Wag The Dog) become more childish with passing time.

     What are we to make of this scene taking place on the set in Iowa where the actors are rebelling against a terrible script.  The appointed actors are being edged out by some walk on who’s stealing the scene.  What is the response?  Scrub the scene.

     Thus Ron Paul, for whom I hold no brief, he being a very untrustworthy Libertarian, stands in a good way to be selected by the Iowa voters against the script.  The politicos consider the first primary to be a bellwhether infallibly predicting the candidate.  The politicos do not want Ron Paul who doesn’t follow the script.  Therefore if Iowans do not play according to the script they are going to be removed from the movie replaced by more reliable actors, if they can be found.  (Wag The Dog, Wag The Dog)

     Why the politicos can’t read the real script, the handwriting on the wall that should set them straight, they and any stooge they put up are unacceptable to any State in this great land of ours is beyond belief.  Obama, Romney, Gingrich– they all are mere employees of the Plutocrats.  The country doesn’t want them; the country doesn’t want the Plutocrats.  The writ is large enough to be read by all who run, heed it before disaster envelopes yourselves and us all.  Just listen to Time Magazine stooge, Michael Crowley:

     Iowa seems to have gotten away with this leap to the front of the line in part thanks to its folksy all-American image as a heartland state home to honest, common-sense rural folks.  But with every passing decade, Iowa’s electoral character grows more out of step with the reality of the United States, (see Detroit for the real America).  Iowa is an unusually homogenous– that is white– and rural state in an increasingly diverse and urban nation.

     Thus, when Iowans followed the script not so long ago in 2008 and nominated a Negro for the President of the United States they were right in step and applauded as the wave of the new America but now when Obama and the Plutocrats have exposed their true agenda to which this great country as well as Iowa objects Iowans are threatened for stepping outside  their scripted character.  The writers are busy rewriting the script (Wag The Dog, Wag The Dog) but in case they can’t get it rewritten in time here comes a scriptwriter, Michael Crowley, with a big club:

And it’s been a custom of presidential politics (read Obama) to see the candidates extol the virtues of expensive farm and ethanol subsidies with precious little economic rationale.

     Oh, oh. All of a sudden the Obama administration that has thrown tens of trillions of dollars away with precious little rationale is threatening White Americans with pauperization if they don’t get back in character.

     Oh, oh.  Read the handwriting on the wall, that’s the real script, before it’s too late.  Nothing can stay the the hand of an avenging God, God’s wrathful hand.  Remember the Holocaust!  Disasters like that happen when God withdraws his protecting hand.  Mighty, mighty is the L-rd.

     The script is on the wall.  Read it and learn!  It may already be too late.  Yahvey, Jehovah has a frown on his face.  The greatest movie maker of them all may shut the production down.

     Read the name above the title:  G-D.


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