Updating Sherlock Holmes On The Daily Beast

Ian Klaus And Sherlock Holmes In the 21st Century


R.E. Prindle


          The game is afoot, Watson.  The Liberal necessity to ‘debunk’ our heroes goes on.  This time it is a kingpin of the New Mythology of the Wold Newton Universe, Sherlock Holmes under revision.  Beastly Newsweek is at it again, this time under the byline Ian Klaus.  Does the Beast invent these literary clones or do the same writers use different names culled from the Net white pages? Goodness, our search turned up seventeen different Ian Klauses for you.

     In Ian16’s update to Holmes we learn that the Great Detective was an anti-Capitalist.  Ian16 notes that:  ‘By 1904 there were nearly one hundred papers covering the world of capitalism.’  Unfortunately for Ian16 Capitalism never existed; the notion was the paranoid creation of the telluric founder of Communism, Karl Marx.

     The economic system of the nineteenth century was an outgrowth of the inventions and science beginning with the the Aryan Enlightenment and flowering in the nineteenth century.  Without Science and technology the world would be sunk in depression and poverty.  Full of envy at the success of something his Jews didn’t create Marx set out to subvert that successful economic stystem he dubbed Capitalism by spending what it had accumulated returning the world to impoverishment.  What Marx didn’t do, his disciple Obama is completing.

     Apparently Ian16 thinks that the world was inhabited by a different species in the nineteenth century as he continually speaks of them as being different from the people today.  Even though families numbered into the dozen in those days while today families have something like 1.8 offspring Ian16 feels that the Victorians were sexually repressed unlike today when we are wildly and giddily SEXUAL.  Of course Ian16 is a graduate  history student at Harvard under ‘bad boy’ Niall Ferguson, so what can you expect.

     Holmes had no economic or political ideology.  His mind didn’t even run along those lines.  He did not go looking for cases, they found him, mounting the stairs to the Baker St. apartment to seek the aid of his sharp scientific intellect.   Holmes dealt with facts not ideology.  He was scientific not religious.

     Did he have his little flaws?  Who didn’t or doesn’t?  Did he use cocaine; perhaps he learned the practice from the great Victorian pusher man, Sigmund Freud.  ‘Here try this,’ said the Herr Doktor,  ‘It will pick you up.  Make things clear.’

     God only knows, and previewers,  what nonsense will be committed in Sherlock’s name but as Ian16 notes:  ‘A Sherlock Holmes is not necessary in a world of honest representation, restraint and responsibility.’  That’s probably true but what World is referring to?  I hope he doesn’t mean the present.  If I interpret him aright there appears to be no cause for a resurgence of interest in Holmes.  Yet here he comes again.

     Ian16 contrasts a sinister world of ‘virtually unchecked Capitalism’ where ‘prospectuses and newspapers were rarely prosecuted.’  As happy as Holmes may have been in that world he would have been giddy in our world ‘of Bernie Madoffs, Raj Rajaratnams and the men and women who ran MF Global into the ground.’  People don’t change only the opportunities.

     Well, you see how advanced and improved the New People of Modern Times are.  He forgot to mention Holmes would have a great time tracking down the trillions the Fed has purloined.  Where are those heroes when you need them?  Will the new ‘updated’ Holmes go after the malefactors of great wealth and political miscreants or will he go far deep into the Ozarks to track down hillbilly ‘Domestic Terrorists?’  I’m betting on the latter.


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