A Quote From H.G. Wells

A Quote From H.G. Wells

Wells, H.G.: What Is Coming?  A European Forecast, 1916, Macmillan

Pp. 50-51

Now, as a matter of fact, money is a power only in so far as people believe in it and Governments sustain it.  If a State is sufficiently strong and well organised, its control over the money power is unlimited.  If it can rule its people, and if it has the necessary resources of men and material within its borders, it can go on in a state of war so long as these things last, with almost any flimsy sort of substitute for money that it chooses to print.

It can enroll and use the men, and seize and work the material.  It can take over the land and cultivate it and distribute its products.  The little man in the office is only a power because the State chooses to recognise his claim.  So long as he is convenient he seems to be a power.  So soon as the State is intelligent enough and strong enough it can do without him.  It can take what it wants, and tell him to go hang himself.  That is the melancholy ultimate of the usurer.  That is the quintessence of “finance”.  All credit is State made, and what the State has made the State can alter or destroy.

So, think about it.


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