‘Fessin’ Up Time

‘Fessin’ Up Time


R.E. Prindle




The “era of testimony” began, by most accounts, with the trial of Eichmann in Jerusalem in 1961, the first major war crimes trial since Nuremburg and Tokyo and the crucible of all the great debates about international criminal justice and accounting for atrocities since.  In the two chapters of  The Judicial Unconscious devoted to Eichmann, Shoshana Feldman argues that the new political agency of survivors as witnesses established at the trial was acquired not in spite of the fact that the stories they told were hard to bear, or sometimes even to believe, not in spite of the fact that they were unreliable, but, paradoxically, precisely because of these flaws.

Thomas Keenan & Eyal Weizman: Mengele’s Skull

Cabinet Magazine #43, Fall 2011

     No, the ‘era of testimony’ did not begin with Eichmann in 1961.  It began much earlier in the equally horrifying atrocities committed by Jews in the Soviet Union and Hungary in the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.  For far too long have we allowed the Jews to sweep them under the carpet of history.

The question is what was the condition of the Soviet Union when the Nazis invaded in 1941?   The Jews had represented the Russia whose people were stripped of their name and renamed the USSR as a paradise for workers.  The reactions of  what the common German  soldiers saw was  reported in a pamphlet- German Soldiers in the Soviet Union: Letters from the East.  The letters attest to a devastation caused by the Jews as tens of thousands of Russian intellectuals, the most industrious farmers and virtually any significant contributors to public welfare were wantonly murdered by Jews in an orgy of demented hatred for the Other.  There can be no denying these crimes anymore than there can be a denial of the holocaust; that crime was in retribution for the greater crime that offends we Aryans.

The holocaust was too bad but no different from the Hungarian and Russian holocausts committed by the Jews.  Nor did that finish the game in Jewish minds as they are the leaders today in the projected genocide of the Aryan species.  How many anti-German stories that came from the war are true is hard to tell but the hatred vented on a German people by a Jewish people were responsible for creating the post-Revolution hell in Eastern Europe is well documented.  It is ‘fessin’ up time.

Calvin College has published on the internet a German pamphlet of 1942 consisting of letters from the front of German soldiers and the devastation they saw that was a virtual Auschwitzing of the whole of Russia.  Consider this letter from the front of Lieutenant Otto Deisenroth:

I write this letter from the desolation of a Ukrainian forest village, 40 kilometers from Kiev, which we hope to capture in a few days.  The fruitful land of the Ukraine is all around us, but 20 years of Bolshevist mismanagement have brought it to ruin.  The poverty, misery, and filth we have seen and experienced in the past weeks is indescribable.  You back home cannot imagine the terrible results of Bolshevism in this fruitful land. Everything that we formerly read in newspapers and books pales in the face of terrible reality.  Our eyes look in vain for some sign of construction, for a trace of progress, for a bit of culture.  We yearn for the sight of a clean house, an orderly street, a few tended gardens, a few trees!  Wherever we look there is filth, decay, desolation, misery, death, and suffering!  Everywhere we see the ghost of Bolshevism in the tortured look of farmers, the blank stares of captives, the hundreds of murdered people, the farm houses, desolate buildings, and ruined houses.  I sometimes think it is all the work of the devil.  The land was rich when it was inhabited by German, Ukrainian, Czech, and Polish farmers.  Then Bolshevism came, and with it enormous misery.  Everything that was prosperous or cultured was killed or burned.  I spoke with dozens of people whose family members, fathers, husbands, brothers and sons perished somewhere in Murmansk, Siberia or the icy north.  Thousands died during the great famine, particularly in 1932-1933.  Thousands more ended up in prisons and jails.  The misery of those freed from Bolshevism is indescribable.  Any free expression was prohibited, any movement banned.  Everything in nature that was beautiful, good and free was destroyed.  Everything created by God was exterminated!  They took the blessing from the land and the soul from the people.  They reduced them to the level of animals, impotent, miserable enslaved animals with no hope of life who did not know if they would be alive tomorrow, who lived from hand to mouth, and were happy only when someone killed them.  Hell can be no worse than this “Soviet paradise.”  There is no hope of salvation.  What bolshevism has done to humanity is a sin against God, a crime one cannot begin to understand.  Every German who formerly thought Bolshevism was a worthy idea and who threatened we National Socialists with death and bloodshed only because we didn’t believe in this nonsense should be ashamed!  We were right!  We are all shaken and moved as we face this misery, this suffering, this hopeless Bolshevist life.  They stole everything from these people except the very air they breathed.  The land they inherited from their fathers became a collective, the property  of the state, and they became slaves worse than those of the darkest Middle ages in Germany.  They had a tiny plot of land of their own, , and even that was heavily taxed.  They had to report to the collective’s commissars each morning, work the whole day, even Sunday, with no free time.  They belonged to the state.  They were supposedly paid, but rarely saw the money.  They got 33 kopeks a day, about a third of a mark.  They owned no plow, no spade, no wagon, no yoke.  Everything supposedly belonged to everyone, everything belonged to the state. The Jews and party bigwigs lived in prosperity, the farmers had only hunger, misery, work and death.  No one felt himself responsible for the soil, no one felt the love we Germans have for our homeland, for the soil that is ours.  The knowledge of blood and soil had died out, I spoke with 30-year-olds who did not understand the concept of property.  They had been educated in Soviet schools.  That explains why they had no sense of culture, no need for it.  Their homes are empty, cold and desolate, much poorer than in Poland.  No pictures, no flowers break the desolation.  The art of cooking also disappeared, given the food shortages.  The daily diet consists of milk and bread, along with a bit of honey and few potatoes.  When one sees this dismal poverty, one is reminded that these Bolshevist animals wanted to bring culture to us industrious, clean and creative Germans.  How God has blessed us!  How justified is the Fuhrer’s claim to European leadership!  The poorest German village is a pearl in comparison to these ruined Russian villages.  Sometimes as I face the thousands of murdered people that we found in the cities and villages, and the numerous occasions where we found women and children wailing over the corpses of their family members, or when they asked us to free their men who had been hauled off just before we arrived.  I see the Fuhrer before me.  He saved an enslaved and raped humanity, giving it once more divine freedom and the blessing of a worthy existence.  The last and deepest reason for this war is to restore the natural and godly order.  It is a battle against slavery, against Bolshevist insanity.  I am proud, deeply proud, that I may fight against this Bolshevist monster, fighting once again the enemy I fought to destroy during the hard years of struggle in Germany.  I am proud of the wounds I suffered during the election battles in Germany, and I am proud of my new wounds, and of the medal that I now wear.  It is as if the people here are awakening from a deep sleep.  They cannot yet believe in their new freedom, they do not know where to begin.  They sit down and wait for orders.  Now they have them:  “Go back to work, harvest the fields, now you have your own home.”  That is what all the posters say, and one sees the masses at work in the fields.  Man and nature are free again.  God has his place once more, his eternal order has been restored.  We National Socialist soldiers of Adolf Hitler have restored the godly order, though some call us heathens.  That is the way life is.  And what did those who spoke about God do?  Ask them!

According to the above what the witness was the result of Jewish atrocities against the Russia renamed the USSR.  Can we say that the Czar was a worse ruler than the Soviets?  I don’t think so.  The evidence of the Obama administration is that we in the USA are headed in the same direction as the USSR.  Are we supposed to have sympathy for the misfortunes of the Jews when one looks at their actions in the USSR, in today’s Palestine, or even in the US which is little different from what the German soldiers saw in Russia?  I do have that sympathy, I bleed for the poor People, but more I am concerned for the welfare of my own people rather than the People, or AG Holder’s ‘people’ or any other people.  Were crimes committed against the Jews?  Well, it’s ‘fessin’ up time.  It’s time we all understood the reasons for those crimes.  It’s time the Jews discuss their own atrocities in real terms.


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