Paul Krugman: Conscience Of A Nitwit




R.E. Prindle

     Think for a minute what’s happening now Paul.  If you don’t like America, Americans and majority holidays, Tel Aviv waits for you.  You’re already a citizen, you can go home again, please do.  Give us all a break.

     As we are constantly told your people are avatars of freedom of speech, extreme tolerance and the creators of the American Way.  No one really believes that  but if you are representative of your people then you should be overbrimming with tolerance and brotherly love, diversity physical, psychological and intellectual.  So, what’s your problem with your brother’s festivals?  First you and your people began a war on Christmas, then Easter and Halloween.  Now, for Christ’s sake, Thanksgiving makes an alien like you uncomfortable.  My that is too bad, my heart pumps pure piss for you.

     Here at a time when Americans are the victims of a finanacial massacre, conducted by your wise and farseeing people, you want to substitute the Ludlow Massacre for a joyous occasion?  What the hell is wrong with you, Paul?  What you really mean is that we should substitute a depressive Jewish event like the Masada Mass Suicide for our own.

     The Masada Mass Suicide, not there was an event we all can applaud.  You should take a lesson from your ancestors Paul.


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