Umberto Eco’s The Prague Cemetery Brings Life To Ancient Hate

Umberto Eco, The Prague Cemetery And The Jews


R.E. Prindle

     Dan Levin and the fellows at the Beast/Newsweek must think they’re fooling someone with

Umberto Eco

their scare review of Umberto Eco’s poorly titled novel The Prague Cemetery.  How many people out of a million are going to know what that refers to?  Dan and the boys make the laughable suggestion that Eco brings to life ancient hate.  Beware of faking Dan advises us quoting Eco from his novel Foucault’s Pendulum, somebody might believe you.  I might suggest Dan and the boys take their own advice.

     Personally I think Dan is dragging a red herring down the trail here.  What exactly does Eco do in the novel?  In the first place unless you’re read on conspiracy theory the novel would be impossible to understand.  What one can easily understand is that Jews were horribly discriminated against in the Dreyfus Case which I am sure few have heard of and if they have what are the chances of their caring about something that happened a hundred twenty years ago in which no one was killed or injured?  Nil.  You have to be Jewish.

     The second issue is the Protocols of Zion.  I dare say very few people other than conspiracy theorists have read the book, if they have, and therefore no one is going to have any idea what’s being discussed.  Further, the Jewish Paideia Society founded by Barbara Spectre in Sweden is promoting the very activities the Jews deny in the Protocols.  So, once again who cares?  A main purpose of the novel was that Eco showed how ridiculous the Catholic Church was and how loonily superstitious Europeans were, one presumes in opposition to the ‘rational’ Jews.  I don’t have any idea what Dan is talking about except stoking old hatreds.

     Now, the Prague Cemetery is a terrible novel not worthy of Umberto Eco’s pen.  It seems like a terrible rush job.  Like maybe they want to get out it out before something happened to cool any ‘anti-Semitic’ reaction.  What could that be?  I’m only guessing but I’m thinking the Jews stoking up a war with Iran in which the full burden is going to fall on the United States.  Face it, folks, we don’t have any money except that which the Jewish Fed prints and Israel gets its money from us.  The Jews with five million people face the Iranians with seventy million Moslem fanatics more fire breathing than themselves.  Not taking into consideration any other considerations who’s going to do the heavy lifting?  White Boys.  The number of Jews in the Army is miniscule while a million Jewish lads aren’t that eager to sign up and do their own fighting.  Moslems in the Army couldn’t be trusted against other Moslems while if you look at the faces in the war reports from Iraq and Afghanistan you don’t see any Black faces.  All of the multiple amputees I’ve seen are White Boys.

     If the Israeli’s instigate a war with Iran or anybody else and they expect the US to finance it and White Boys to fight it they are creating a dangerous situation they can only regret.  Call it anti-Semitism, call it disgust with them, enough is enough.  Shut up, sit down and stuff your kosher hot dog in your face.  Hell no, we won’t go.


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