Pt. III: Divine Justice: The Hidden Story Of Don Giovanni, Mozart’s Jewish Opera

Part III

Divine Justice:

The Hidden Story of Don Giovanni, Mozart’s Jewish Opera


R.E. Prindle 

Dave Goldman

     In reading Dave’ essay the underlying theme is control vs. freedom.  The Semitic mind- Jewish, Christian and Moslem- is so constituted that it fears change or uncertainty while the Aryan mind is free and inquiring seeking order in nature rather than trying to impose order on nature arbitrarily.  Thus one has the Jewish concept of the 613 laws governing behavior one is supposed to review before doing such simple things as unlocking your door.  The Moslems have public prayers several times a day which must be attended leaving little enough time to one’s own affairs.  Hence the general social paralysis of the Semitic religions.

     The conflict between Aryans and Semites then is one of intelligence.  The Semites believe that there are two human species in the world, them and the other.

     I have indicated that there are five human species of which two are ‘Aryan.’  As the Semites believe the difference lies in intelligence, I agree.  But we differ in that it seems that Aryans have a  genetic scientific brain while the Semites lack that additional layer of intelligence.    Hence when one gets beyond the capabilities of ordinary intelligence that creates technological devices like basket weaving or paper making to true scientific discoveries like the organization of the universe,  all or very nearly all scientific discoveries have been made by Aryans.

     This is known and recognized by non-Aryans.  The Semites know that they can’t compete.  When the Aryan scientific abilities became clearly manifest in the nineteenth century, the Jewish Semites who were contesting the control of Europe found themselves at an extreme disadvantage because while they could manage the scientific discoveries of Aryans they could not themselves innovate.  This left them no choice but to obfuscate the Aryan science in the attempt to subsume it into a Semitic religious context.

     This need became acute when Darwinian theories led to the scientific basis of differences between the five species.  These differences were being studied on a scientific basis, as they still are today in ‘secret’, but publicly as an anthropologist the Jewish Franz Boas deflected the studies into an emotionally and religiously satisfying notion of ‘the brotherhood of man’ in which the species differences were ignored because of the inevitable consequences- the progression of mankind into species in a series of intellectual advancement. 

     Gradually all sciences, but more especially evolution, are being subsumed into a Semitic religious context in which despite current scientific facts which clearly show Aryans to be the most advanced human species, the fact are denied.  The most recent scientific discoveries are being kept more secret than the Atom Bomb so as not to disturb the Semitic religious brotherhood of man notion in which the Jews make themselves the Big Brother quite in contradiction to their own historical traditions.

     So, behind Dave’s essay is this desire for stasis, an unchanging order in which Jews are superior and rule.  To understand this Jewish essay this basic condition must be recognized.  And that is the reason for their campaign to remove Whiteness from the face of the earth.  The mere existence of a superior race gives the lie to their own pretensions of superiority.


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