Divine Justice: The Hidden Story Of Don Giovanni, Mozart’s Jewish Opera

Part I


The Hidden Story Of Don Giovanni, Mozart’s Jewish Opera.


R.E. Prindle


A rake seduces women and murders their male relatives with impunity until the statue of one of his victims invites him to supper and drags him to hell.  It sounds silly, but for two centuries it was the most favored plot device in Western literature.  Don Juan was the invention of Tirso de Molina, a Spanish monk from a family of converted Jews.  Concealed in its puppet-theater plot is a Jewish joke: Don Juan exists to prove by construction that a devout Christian can be a sociopath, and by extension, that the Christian world can be ruled by sociopaths.  The Enlightenment’s most insidious attack on Catholic faith, then, came not from athiests like Voltaire, but from a Spanish monk with buried Jewish sensibilities.

–David P. Goldman

David P. Goldman

  The story may be more hidden than Dave Goldman at Tablet Ezine, the author behind the above link might like to believe.  The back story is that in 1492 Jews were expelled from Spain unless they agreed to abandon Judaism.  About half left and half remained.  Those who remained became saboteurs and subversives.  The most famous of the Inquisitors, Torquemada, was himself a Jew in Catholic disguise.  In their quest for vengeance many Jews became priests  and ultimately dignitaries in the Church where they worked to ridicule and undermine it.  There is of course the legend of the Jewish Pope that I have no doubt is true.

     Dave Goldman himself, says that Tirso de Molina who wrote the original story, The Trickster Of Seville, was himself a Jew, or Converso, who wrote the story shortly after the expulsion.

     As Dave points out: ‘The Enlightenment’s most insidious attack came from…a Spanish monk with buried Jewish sensibilities.’  In other words, this disguised Jew, Tirso de Molina, wearing false colors, under a false flag, set out to subvert Christianity or at least mock it from behind his disguise as a Catholic priest.  Something like the joke played by homosexuals who don the holy vestments to seduce altar boys.

     Another way to intrepret the character of Don Juan, or Don Giovanni in Italian, Don John in English, is as a Jewish rake who seduces women and kills their menfolk  as a dream wish fulfullment along Freudian lines.  That is to say that while Tirso is powerless to effect the hatred he feels, he invents a comic book hero in Christian disguise to wreak havoc on the Spanish.  Something like the Jewish comic book character Captain America who in American or Aryan disguise is a Jew who savages his Aryan adversaries.

     Thus, while I don’t deny the jokes concealed behind Don Juan and Capt. America they speak more to Jewish hatred of the other more than to any faults of the other.

     The most common thing for the supposed oppressed to desire is to rape the women of the ‘oppressor’ and kill the men.  This is just a psychological and historical reality.  That is the reason that Negro rapes of White women are epidemic in the US while flash mobs attack White men in the streets.  It is no secret that the Jews desire the immolation of the entire White species perhaps using Negroes to effect their purpose.

     I’m surprised that Dave isn’t more aware of Freudian psychology what with he and Freud being fellow Jews and all.


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