Europeans And Jews In The Nineteenth Century



R. E. Prindle

The Age Old Quarrel

The Jews have fostered the myth that they are economic geniuses, wizards with a dollar bill. If one looks at nineteenth century Europe with open eyes, the facts seem quite different. The entire basis of Jewish prosperity in the nineteenth century was stolen money.

The Elector of Hesse in the eighteenth century had amassed a huge fortune. A large part of the hoard was derived from selling his male subjects into servitude as soldiers for other States. These were the famous Hessians bought by the English to fight in their American war. After the war the soldiers, slaves actually, were liberated staying in America. Thus the Hessians were part of the diverse slave population of America along with the Negroes.

The Elector invested in Jewels provided by father Mayer Rothschild. When Napoleon was about to invade Germany of which Hesse was part, the Elector entrusted the Rothschilds with his entire fortune to remove it from Napoleon’s clutches. There were trunks and trunks of deeds and evidences of indebtedness. It was at this time that the five sons- the famous arrows- were sent to their various stations in Europe- London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Naples- each with a portion of the Elector’s wealth.

Nathan in London and James in Paris immediately became economic powers as the Jews were established as an economic force, a nation without a designated territory but having the freedom of Europe. Thus Jews became an international people operating throughout Europe and the Americas. While the other nationals were limited by language and physical borders restricting their economic activities Jews, with their own lingua franca, operated continent wide. Thus their language, Yiddish, was of inestimable value.

Indeed, when Wellington’s success in the Peninsular War depended on receiving a shipment of gold the Rothchilds employing their international network smuggled gold out of England through the Continental blockade to James in France baffling Napoleon’s vigilance and down to Spain.

Thus while Napoleon as a Frenchman was battling the other national powers he had another enemy with its own national agenda acting undercover without borders.

This is not genius but theft and stealth politics.


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