Please G-d, Make It Stop Hurting For Them



R.E. Prindle

it’s an insult to the dead

to rob their graves

to make us feel better.

–Ron Rosenblum


Ron Rosenblum

  Quite frequently the endless Jewish lamenting about the Nazi extermination camps is incomprehensible.  In their peculiar Freudian dream world fact and fantasy are merged so that they live in the false glow of in internal reality that has little to no bearing on the external world  The world becomes merely a projection of their talmudic angst.  In an individual it would considered a sympton of insanity.

     Ron Rosemblum in his review of Alvin Rosenfeld’s The End Of The Holcaust  says:  Yes, we’ve had enough, Rosenfeld points out, of museum’s that cumulatively obscure memory in a fog of well-meaning  but misleading inspirational brotherhood of man rhetoric’ and ‘…as George Steiner told me…”the holocaust removed the re-insurance from human hope” – the psychic safety net we imagined marked the absolute depth of human nature.”

     What in the world is Rosenblum talking about?  Does he really believe the depth of hman nature has been reached in the extermination of a mere six million?  A piddling amount compared to the hopes of the Jewish Noel Ignatiev speaking from the holy confines of Harvard University, who, one imagines speaking for ‘the Jews’, has called for the extermination of Whiteness from the face of the earth ‘by any means necessary’ which the Jews are now attempting to implement with the aid of their Negro agents.

     Sacharine thoughts of the brotherhood of man, indeed.  Let’s see, six million compared to one billion!  Have the depths of human depravity already been reached?  The Nazis seem like only yesterday to the Jews.   Doesn’t seem like it to us, does it?  Not to be surpassed the Jews are projecting the death of a billion.  There’s depravity.  But in their fatuousness can they see it.  Nor do they include themselves as White.  No. They are not White, they are Jews.  You see how flexible and expedient Jewish thinking can be.  It’s not the killing that’s wrong; it’s the killers.

     They may disown this insane Neil Ignatiev but whereas the goy John Rocker was deprived of his career for a totally innocuous statement totally dissimilar  to those of Ignatiev, Ignatiev was rewarded with a podium at major American universities.  How credible is a denial of him now?

     Inglorious Basterds, indeed!  Hypocritical basterds is more like it.  So God bless superior beings like Rosenblum and Rosenfeld and long may they prosper, we bear them no ill will, but please God make it stop hurting for them so they can ease up and enjoy their purloined money without inflicted pain and suffering on others.  God, take the money and go.



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