Clip 2: David Remnick’s Hymn To Barack Obama



R.E. Prindle

Obama and Remnick

     David is capable of any excess in praising Obama, in showing his exceptionalism, his exemption from all rules that might have caused serious problems for others.

     All of Obama’s employers in Chicago- Allison Davis and Judson Miner at the law firm, the deans at the university- proved indulgent of Obama’s divided attentions; sooner or later, they figured, he would increase his commitment or go into politics.  His intelligence, charm and serene ambition were plain to see.  The first time he met Jeffrey Stone, Obama was not yet thirty, and yet Stone’s assistant, Charlotte Maffia, joined the legions predicting something large for him…Only occasionally were there rumbles of resentment about the young lawyer taking time to indulge his literary ambition.  “He spent a lot of time working on his book,” Allison Davis admitted to a reporter for Chicago Magazine.  “Some of my partners weren’t happy with Barack sitting there with his keyboard on his lap and feet up on the desk writing the book.”

     So there we gave an amusing picture of the Constitutional scholar ignoring his studies while drawing his pay from UChicago and the ‘aspiring’ lawyer goofing his way through his days drawing his attorney’s pay for writing his autobiography for which he is getting 100K from which his publishers will get nothing until they get lucky in 2008.

     Barack was living a tough life on thirty a year while complaining he needed more to take care of his family.  Life being a Negro in America is not easy; all that discrimination.

     But, Remnick writing a hefty six hundred pages shows no interest in looking behind the scenes to see why this ambitious young man who does no work is drawing such wonderful pay.  From the text it would seem Allison Davis had to ward off his law partners who were irate that Obama sat with his feet up pecking away at his keyboard.  Yet Davis kept them at bay hoping ‘that sooner or later he would increase his commitment.’  That is, do some work.

     We have the classic portrait her of the ne’er do well who is apparently learning no law and not working  on the Constitution.  Yet a year or two on he will be tapped by Bomber Billy Ayers to head the 100 million dollar Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

     Somebody was looking out for Barack.  Perhaps the Bomber would be a good place to start looking.


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