Clip 1: David Remnicks Hymn to Barack Obama




R.E. Prindle

Remnick, David:  The Bridge: The Life And Rise Of Barack Obama, Random House, 2010



The Negro Of Destiny

    David Remnick the Jewish homosexual editor of New Yorker Magazine has turned out a paeon of praise to the Negro-White savior of America.  I am being overwhelmed as I read seeming to hear the strains of Holy, Holy, Holy arising from every page.  I see a crowd of devotees bearing the Obama on their shoulders shouting Halleyujah- The Child is come, as they march joyously toward Altruria.  Obama, joy of the White man’s desiring.

     It was preordained and in some ways true.  Whether Obama only became the Holy Child when he entered Harvard or whether when he became editor of the Harvard Law Review or before isn’t clear.  It does seem that he was the Mahdi sometime before that.  For instance on his assumption as editor of the Law Review, an editor from far away New York read of his election.  Apparently in a flash she realized that a child had come rushing off to far Cambridge bearing a check in her hand for 100,000 smackeroos.  Well, actually one of the two installments of 50K each.  This could be the answer of who paid Obama’s way through law school while obviating the need for student loans.

     Obama was taken on by his publisher in what is known as a ‘flier’ in publishing circles.  Scribners to who he was first signed shuttered the subsidiary who signed him while selling the contract to Random House thus sharing the loss, because the book when published was a dead loss.  The worst decision an editor with a 100K to blow ever made. Twenty-five thousand might even have seemed excessive in the circumstances.  But time and the tides sometimes perform miracles as was the case here.  A decade or so on the Holy Child was made President of the United States and like Hitler’s Mein Kampf when that leader took the reins of government in Germany the book turned pure gold.

     Obama was still working on the book several years after leaving college.  However if you think the 100K was the only timely gift, Remnick goes on:

     When Obama left Cambridge to start his public life, he could not have anticipated some of the breaks that would accelerate his career:  the political elders who stipped aside and provided him with crucial openings…political rivals who imploded as the news of their unfortunate personal lives became public; invitations to speak at an anti-war rally in 2002 and, two years later, at a national convention.

     Well, yes, I imagine that he was like O.J. Simpson the year he was the first to rush for two thousand yards as the team devoted itself to clear the way for him.  Unfortunate lives indeed and why were they exposed at that particular time?  Could Obama have anticipated it?  I think he could have.  The drums were beating so loudly for him that I heard them on the far West Coast.  The year he was elected to the Illinois senate a cold shiver went down my spine as I realized that the Negro of Destiny had arrived.  I knew at that time that the Child would be the first Negro president.  The Liberals were bound to put a Black man in the White House and I saw him at that moment.



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