Obama, Animism, Christianity And Moslemism



R.E. Prindle


Obama, An Animist?

There has been a great deal of speculation about whether Obama is Christian or  Moslem that has been fairly vehement but which excludes a third possibility- Animism, the native African religious outlook.  It is not impossible that Obama is misleading both Christians and Moslems.

     One can only guess at the quiet desperation of Obama growing up in a White household knowing that he was Black but having no connection to his Black father.  In point of fact his father was a ne’er do well who had his fun with Barry’s mother and then deserted mother and infant son.  He was a mere drunkard and lecher who Obama subsequently chose to idealize.

     Barry desired connection so much that he made very expensive trips back to Kenya while ostensibly broke, perhaps the place of his birth, to establish relations with his father’s family.  There, according to his autobiography, Barry developed an intense feeling for ‘the continent’ as he affectionately calls it.  His people were important chiefs among the leading Luo tribe who contended for power in Kenya and were quite ready to murder to obtain it.

     One must believe that Kenyans and Africans in general detest Christian and Moslem alike.  They can have no love for Arabs or Whites.  Even though both sects separated Africans from their native animism, animism is still a large third religion in Africa.  I should imagine Animism survives among the Luo people.  Is it possible then that Obama in his intense desire to be an authentic African imbibed Animism as his true religion?

     While the argument goes on as to whether Barry be Christian or Moslem I really see little evidence for either claim.  There seems to be a religious void in his makeup.   Until some evidence of a religious preference becomes absolutely clear I think it more than probable that Obama leans toward the Animist religion of ‘the continent’ he reveres, from which he receives his actual identity.


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