Was Obama Right To Murder Awlaki?




R.E. Prindle


Obama has saved the constitution and the country

against a nihilistic and narrow reading

of the constitution that would prevent the country

from protecting itself.

–Richard Miniter

     No, according to Liberal logic Obama had no right to murder an American born citizen simply because he was a Moslem dissenting against non-Moslem governance.  This is a Democracy.  Awlaki himself was merely a rebel or Domestic Terrorist not one whit unlike those Libyan DTs who Obama himself gave billions in aid along with the full military might of the United States and United Europe to overthrow the legitimate Liban government. 

     Just as the Libyan DTs were unhappy with a so-called tyranny so right or wrong was Awlaki.  If Libyan DTs were unhappy with Qaddafi and that gave them the right to revolt and if their unhappiness with Qaddafi  required US forces to be employed to make their rebellion a success then, following Liberal logic, Obama was clearly in the wrong in murdering an innocent rebel.

     Further as no war has been declared against the ‘terrorists’, indeed, US speech has been censored so that terrorist is a word that cannot be legitimately used, then at best Awlaki can only be termed a Global criminal is this Brave New World that Obama and the Liberals are creating.  They must follow their own logic.  Awlaki was no more a danger to the US than Arnold Rothstein, Meyer Lansky or Al Capone.  None of those was ever murdered by the executive and indeed Meyer Lansky was never successfully prosecuted.  Maybe Awlaki wouldn’t have been either and hence not guilty.  Just as Edgar Hoover questioned, even denied, the existence of organized crime, one has to question the existence of an organized threat to the United States.  These people are merely random criminals operating as individuals.  There is only the appearance of conspiracy but these Liberal conspiracy nuts will have it otherwise.  Once Obama gets in the habit of murdering at will when and where he chooses where will it stop?  Remember… first they came for the Jews….

     And…as a representative of the Liberals one might ask Dick  Miniter since when has the Constitution been sacred to Liberals?  He and they are surely mocking it here.  It is absurd to consider Obama a Constitutional scholar, where are his credentials?  He violates the Constitution on a daily basis and mocks us afterwards.

     And I may ask Dick what a ‘nihilistic’ reading of the Constitution may be?  Define the term.  And whether the Awlaki murder can be considered constitutional or unconstitution is irrelevant.  Thou shalt not murder is the moral way in any circumstances.  The rule of law must be observed here no less than it was with the 9/11 criminals.  Just as we refused to be barbarous and set aside ‘the law’ in that case we must be consistent and do the same here.  That arresting Awlake was difficult doesn’t mean it was impossible.  Obama merely prefers savage short cuts.

     Regress we shall not.  Barack Obama is not fit to wear the shoes of Abraham Lincoln.  We don’t need a gunslinger president.   Beware The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence.


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