Paralyzed GOP Hopefuls




R.E. Prindle


     Patrick Cleburne over at the VDare site posits the question as to whether a Republican candidate who defeated the Big BO could withstand the firestorm of Liberal hatred that would be directed at him.  As one Conservative to another Patrick, do you have any idea of what is going on?

     Let’s deal with first things first.  Obama is not facing any serious competition.  No current candidate has a chance of defeating him.  Has everyone forgotten that the Big BO is a community organizer?  Have they forgotten how computer savvy he is?  There is no one, I mean no one, capable of mounting a modern campaign and it is already too late.

     Most importantly there is no one who understands the political challenges, no one.  Who but an ignoramus would vote for Newt Gingrich? Mutt Romney? Rick Perry? Bachman?  None of them are capable of meeting the political challenges much less a Liberal firestorm of hatred.  I’d vote for Glenn Beck before I would any of those useless twits and I wouldn’t vote for Glenn Beck.  Just watch them.  Listen to them.  They have surrendered White America to the coloreds in a more decisive way then the Great BO.

     Don’t they listen to the rumbling voices of truth on the internet?  The merit system has been superceded by a new spoils system.  What won’t have been taken from the Whites by election day will be soon thereafter.  Do these idiot candidates have dog doo doo for brains?  Why should we elect them to clean us out when we have a more than competent bigot in office now?

     In view of the new spoils system there is no reason to stand up to a Liberal media rage.  The first thing one does in the Obama style is command the networks to fire all Liberals and replace them with Conservatives; then turn Conservative rage against the Liberals and see how they stand that.  Yes, folks, like it or not, it has come to that; change we can believe in.

     Off your knees and on your feet.  Face the new realities like men.  At present there is no one who is going to defeat the Big BO.  An election is not necessary.  Understand that; the Republican field is a field of stone cold losers.  Unless someone pops up who understands the issues, forget it.

     The time to start building an organization was a year ago on the internet, nobody started.  Community organizing not old style campaigning.  Get with the Obama program.


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