Jeers For A Gay Journalist



R.E. Prindle

Dear John:  You want to know what hate is you bigot? You silly twit.  When our soldiers returned from Viet Nam you Liberal geeks threw shit on them, literal feces.  And now you hypocritical slut, you castigate as new lows in right wing hate a jeering at the egregiously stupid remarks of some fag in uniform.  Goddamn you.

What does a wimp like you know about life in the military, Johnny?  Which branch did you serve in?

The ship I served on was 30% fruity.  Nobody had to ask anybody, nobody had to to tell.  Everyone knew.  Everyone had to watch their ass in the showers, you moron.

When our ship crossed the line the fags on board strutted around beating ‘pollywogs’ with their four foot lengths of three inch hoses.  At the crossing of the equator one ‘brave’ fag put a six inch piece of lead in the end of his four foot length of hose and crushed the pelvises of two innocent nineteen year olds crippling them for life.   How’s that for new levels of hate you bigot, Johnny, you criminal twit.  You dare endorse criminal behavior like that.  You would be ashamed of yourself if you could feel shame.  You should apologize to the nation for your inane article. 

I saw the debate and that degraded cockalero was disgusting.  He should have been booed.  Don’t ask, don’t tell! Who has to you silly twit.


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