Blackface Barry

Keep On Truckin’, Multi-cults.


R.E. Prindle

Getting Along With The Mulit-cults

     Boy, these times are never boring.  First the Galliano farce in France and now we have a fiasco in Germany.  Both over nothing.

     Let’s start from the sixties mantra ‘nothing is sacred’, there are no sacred cows.  In those days the Left was satirizing poltical figures in a scurrilous manner and calling it humor.  Today a good political joke satirizing a Left poltician is considered by them scandalous and more importantly ‘offensive.’  It seems that a bumper sticker saying ‘Fuck LBJ’ wasn’t offensive but a really funny German billboard by comedian Martin Sonneborn picturing himself in blackface with the slogan -Ich bin ein Obama- is.

     The usual overly sensitive suspects say:

     …the latest (billboard) is upsetting to some because of the racial connotations of blackface theatre, (i.e. minstrel shows) which was widespread (read: ubiquitous) in America in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Based on ugly stereotypes, blackface consisted of white permformers painting themselves black for degrading minstrel shows.  It quickly died out in the United States after the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.

     How many errors can one paragraph contain?  Blackface had been discontinued early in the twentieth century, the 60s Civil Rights Movement having nothing to do with it.

     Blacking up was what all minstrel performers did whether Black or White and there were many Black performers.  A very famous Black minstrel, Bert Williams, was crushed when blacking up was discontinued.  It seems that he and other Black minstrels thought blacking up concealed the issue of race making them equal with the White players thus rather than finding the minstrel shows degrading they thought they were fine.  But then…the facts…oh well, what do Liberals care about facts?

     And more to the point no politician is sacrosanct; they wouldn’t be politicians if they were and that includes Black and all other multi-cult politicians.  Stand up and identify yourselves multi-cults.  The billboard is a joke based on JFK’s gaffe during his Berlin speech of the early sixties when seeking to show solidarity with the Germans he said:  Ich bin ein Berliner, which drew screams of laughter because a Berliner was some kind of donut so what JFK said was:  I am a donut.   That was accurate of course, but an unintentional admission.

     By blacking himself up I suppose Martin Sonneborn is joking that by putting on burnt cork and saying I am an Obama he’s saying that that is all it takes but a donut is easier to figure out than an Obama.

     In any event in this diverse multi-cultural world it’s time for the multi-cults to develop a sense of humor.  If you’re going to be offended do as the rest of us do when you offend us, which is quite often.  We just laugh and keep on keepin’ on.  Do the same, keep on truckin’ multi-cults.


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