Inside Galliano’s Guilty Verdict


John Galliano And The Disgrace Of France


R.E. Prindle

     As anti-climatic as it is John Galliano was sentenced of 9/8/11 for the heinous crime of saying, sotto voce, ‘I love Hitler.’  Has France gone insane.  Did the judge watch the video taken of a private citizen sitting in a bar having an exchange  with a purportedly Jewish person who remained off camera while continuing the exchange rather than shutting up and moving away?

     This was an exchange of apparent insults apparently initiated by the Jews.  The Jewish party or parties seem to have been seated two tables away from Galliano so as not to be in the picture.   One camera is in front of Galliano filming him which is an invasion of his privacy and should not have been allowed as evidence.  The filmer did not have permission.  Another camera  is several feet behind the close in shooter but he still makes no effort to include the Jewish party in the picture.  We don’t really know who they are.  This must therefore be intentional and the incident is a frame up.

     Galliano is obviously responding to an insult that must have been initiated by the Jewish party.  It is apparent that a conversation or exchange of comments ensued since Galliano is responding.  Therefore as trouble makers they have no complaint and should have no sanctity except for this moronic French law under which this idiot Philip Virgitti is apparently entitled to sue for nearly half a million dollars because he alleges, it is not on the video, that Galliano called him ‘a fucking Asiatic bastard.’  Now, ask yourself, why would Galliano, who is sitting there placidly with his hands crossed in his lap, neither threatening nor agitated, speaking very calmly, volunteer an insult to another boozer sitting two tables away?  What word does Mr. Virgitti object to anyway- bastard, Asiatic or fucker?  How can the French be so insane as to make a provoked comment like that a crime potentially worth a half million dollars?

     Tracy MacNicoll of the provocative Daily Beast/Newsweek has no trouble empathizing with Signor Virgitti.  She appears scandalized that France didn’t revive to guillotine to deal with this ‘anti-Semitic’ crisis.  One can only suppose that Senor Virgitti is irreparably scarred for his remaining days by being called a ‘fucking Asiatic bastard.’   If that is all Mr. Virgiti has been called in his life he may consider himself fortunate indeed; he should have roamed the schoolyards I’ve traversed, he would have heard some truly astonishing name calling.  I was in the Navy too where I learned a whole bunch of new insults.  I think Senor Virgitti is at fault here- he probably got his just due.

     I might direct a few choice words here toward the Daily Beast/Newsweek but as they’re losing readers daily while managing to stay afloat in a flood of red ink they might see me as a profit center and initiate a suit.  Lord forbid their feelings should be hurt by being reminded that what they publish is trash.


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