How Reliable Are IQ Tests?

How Reliable Are IQ Tests


R.E. Prindle


Standardized IQ Test

Standardized testing has destroyed public education.  It’s the responsibility of the Jews,

who benefited more than anyone from the system,
to fix it.
Marjorie Ingall
     There is no test more standardized than the IQ test.  Currently we are led to believe that the Chinese and Jews have the highest IQs on the planet.  I do doubt that the Chinese and Jews are the most intelligent people on the planet if, say, Ben Bernanke is an example of intelligence.  This raises the question of how honestly the tests are given and graded.
     Mrs. Ingall in her little essay goes on to say:
     …we have the issue of schools being financially rewarded or punished for higher test scores, leading teachers and principals to change the kids scores- to cheat.  And most distressingly of all, schools are teaching to the tests…
      So, how much can we trust the integrity of the tests, test givers and scorers when it is admitted that they cheat.  If Jews and Chinese want to have the highest scores what is stopping them from just scoring themselves highly.  Neither people score highly on integrity except in their own minds.  Mrs. Ingall states that teachers and principals change test scores.  What could be easier than Jewish administrators changing the scores of Jewish kids up and goys down?  In schools in heavily Jewish areas who is going to have the chutzpah to challenge the scores.  Nobody is ever going to look at the tests once scored while the students are never allowed to examine their tests. 
    And then one could teach to the tests a week or two beforehand or as the picture above hints the answers could be in a repetitive code given to chosen people.  For instance when I took my Navy test we were told that if you marked the A box to every question you would obtain a qualifying score.  If we didn’t get it the first time we could take the test again.
     If you really want your people to excel what could be easier than answers arranged in some sequence, say, A, C, A, D: B, D, A, C. or some such plan.  To prevent perfect scores which would be suspect of course one simply makes the occasional correct choice incorrect.  It’s not that hard.
     Mrs. Ingall says that the Jews benefited more than anyone from this system.  Why should one people benefit more from a standardized test than any other unless the test were rigged in some manner in their favor?  I don’t say that Jews aren’t intelligent but I just don’t find them more intelligent than anyone else.  Same with the Chinese.
     White kids are taught not to exel their fellows while Jews and Chinese are forced to study to excel the dominant culture.  Why shouldn’t they do better in math than the dominant culture in testing.  I wouldn’t take IQ scores that seriously.

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