Has Obama Betrayed The Liberals?

Who Says Obama Isn’t Fullfilling His Mission?


R.E. Prindle



Hope It's Not The Last Laugh

     One sometimes wonder what Liberals use for brains.  They are a danger to themselves and the country.  What is all this uncomprehending of Obama’s actions?  Michael Brenner, who should certainly know better, says he feels betrayed because his own expetations that he projected on Obama haven’t been realized.  His expectations were unrealistic founded only on his dreams.  It isn’t like there weren’t legions of people incredulous that a non-entity like Obama would even be considered for the presidency; it wasn’t like throngs of people weren’t saying ‘Just read his autobiography if you want to know what he’ll do; it wasn’t as if the Reverend James David Manning wasn’t screaming ‘Do not elect this long legged Mack Daddy because he will trash your country.’  Your meaning Whites.

     Yea verily, lo and behold, Obama has fulfilled all our prophecies and yet an uncomprehending Liberal like Michael Brenner says he feels ‘betrayed.’  If so it is only his willful delusions that have betrayed him.

     When William Clinton was elected president I began to quake because, yea verily, it was prophesied of old that when the WWII generation were gone their replacements would not be able to govern the country.  Clinton, Bush, Obama, the prophecy has been realized.

     Narcissism as Mike suggests or lack of breadth of mind and understanding as I would suggest.  Narcissist or not Obama is too naive to even begin to understand the problems while too doctrinaire in his attitudes to adapt to them.  The electorate in its wisdom of the common man elected a man with absolutely no qualifications other than the color of his skin which merely gratified their vanity that they weren’t too prejudiced to vote for a Negro.

     We don’t even know if he graduated from college, we don’t know who it was that saw such promise in a mere boy of the streets so as to enter him in the Harvard Law School and pay his way.  Get him elected to the law journal, graduate him to a post of instructor in Constitutional law at the prestigious UChicago, get him elected to the Illinois senate, and based on nothing promoted to the US Senate and miracle of miracles bend every fiber of their existence to elevate this non-entity to the presidency of the United States of America where, who but Liberals expected anything else,  he is implementing a policy of Black reparations Chicago style?  Who expected anything else.

     Betrayal, Michael Brenner?  What betrayal?



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