Obama In The Trenches


Obama In The Trenches


R.E. Prindle

The line it is drawn,

The curse it is cast,

The slow one now

Will later be fast.

And the first one now

Will later be last.

–Bob Dylan

     Barry Obama recently wrote another executive order bypassing Congress to further Negro reparations.  Hopefully the Supreme Court will see through its blatant illegality and declare it unconstitutional.

The Order essentially calls for the cleansing of Whites from the Civil Service.  Although framed in the hypocritical term ‘diversity’ it will actually decrease diversity by eliminating Whites.  Thus the term ‘diversity’ can be understood as making the first one last and the last one first.  The easy money of federal employment with its high wages and fantastical retirement privileges will be yet another transfer of wealth.

The Obama administration then, and I have no doubts that the 2012 election is already rigged in his favor, will not be content until the racial roles of the past five hundred years are reversed.  That is the meaning of Dylan’s song The Times They Are A’Changin’.  At that time Eric Foner’s concept of  America’s unfinished revolution will be completed with Whites but not Jews being legally made slaves for the Blacks.

It doesn’t matter whether one wakes up or not because the governmental apparatus is already in the hands of Obama and his ‘people’ and White Liberal allies.  AG Eric Holder has publicly stated that he will not ‘discriminate’ against his people by enforcing the laws equally.  Negroes must be give ‘Black Skin Privilege.’

Obama, Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Zuma of South Africa and the Negroes in general are fixated on this, hatreds run several centuries deep and nothing is going to changed them.  Absolutely nothing.  It is do or die by any means necessary.

It is true that Whites are beginning to wake up, one hears disgruntled voices where a few months ago they were all approbation.  Yet, the seriousness of the situation has not sunk in except for the perceptive minority.  However as sympathies have changed and are changing rapidly it makes it possible to speak more openly, censure won’t be so quickly forthcoming.

Praise the Lord (agitate) and pass the ammunition. (It will come to that.)  Liberals will have to be quarantined.  The time to declare with whom you run is fast approaching.


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