Hollywood Blacklists And Domestic Terrorists

Hollywood Blacklists And Domestic Terrorists


R.E. Prindle

Domestic Terrorist #1

Now that the Judaeo-Communists have lied their way into the White House we are finally in a position to correctly assess the Judaeo-Communist reaction to the HUAC and McCarthy Era blacklistings.

For those who remember there were many protestations of horror when the Communists who were mainly Jewish and ‘un-American’ were fired from their jobs for their Communist activities and blacklisted protested that this sort of thing had no place in Holy America that we all revered and loved.  ‘Fascism’ had to be suppressed and it was for several decades while the Judaeo-Communists undermined the State.  Now, sixty years or so later Fascism is rearing its ugly head but this time practiced by the Jews and Communists.

While the former campaign of the great Senator McCarthy was anti-Communist the current campaign is styled anti-Domestic Terrorist.  Yes, the former Communist domestic terrorists are now shamefully trying to fasten their own hatred on their anti-Communist opponents.  Heck, you don’t even have to oppose the Obama administration, all  they, or we I should say, have to do is have the common sense to reject their Judaeo-Communist stupidity.

Of course if you have a job and object to J-C policies you will be fired even if you are as qualified, nay as irreplaceable, as the discoverer of DNA, James Watson, stripped of all your posts and emoluments and, would this be the right term, blacklisted for all eternity.  Thus, it would appear, that the issue (blacklisting) was not the issue, no, the issue was that Jews and Communists were the blacklisted.  With the roles reversed blacklisting is a perfectly permissible all-American response to ‘Domestic Terrorists.’

Do you wonder, does it seem marvelous, that Bomber Billy Ayers said:  Guilty as hell. Free as a bird.  God what a wonderful country?

Yes, and more wonderful than even he even knew at the time.  Now, fifty years on the Bomber is in a position to not only arrest but get convictions on the very people who prosecuted him then.  ‘Guilty as hell, free as a bird and in a position to persecute any who disagree with him.  God, what a wonderful country.  Free to bomb and free to repress.   ‘Oh, say can you see…’

What it is is what it is.  To think that I should live to see hypocrisy triumph in such a regal manner.   Capt. America, I salute you.

But, the question is,  which side are you on?


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