Obama Trumps Libya Critics?

Obama Trumps Libya Critics?


R.E. Prindle


Republicans and intellectuals, united in their denunciation

of Obama’s modest intervention against Gaddafi, are now

taking a second look.

Tara McKelvey in the Daily Beast/Newsweek

Tara McKelvey

  I’m not taking a second look Miss Tara.  My mind isn’t changed.  And we weren’t united, it was a conspiracy of domestic terrorists.  The Great Black Elephant in DC decided to waste tens of billions of dollars backing Libyan domestic terrorists in East Libya against its legally constituted government.  Think about that now.

     Now after providing overwhelming support for a group of domestic terrorists about which nothing is known Gaddafi appears to be on the ropes.   Does the Great Black Elephant have any idea of the possible consquences of his action.  Not unless he knows something he’s not telling.

     I don’t know what uniform or wars Miss Tara McKelvey served in but she states emphatically:  They (we conspiritors and domestic terrorists) were mad over various things (I suppose Miss Tara means we were in a hissy fit) such as the way the president decided not to seek congressional approval (approval? Doesn’t Missy Tara know the difference between the two small words approval and authorization?)  The GBE, that great constitutional scholar, doesn’t have the authority to make ‘modest interventions’ on his own without congressional authorization.   Besides weren’t Viet Nam and Iraq ‘modest interventions?  Did the Liberals approve of those interventions as they do in the GBE’s wars?

     In true high school essay fashion Missy Tara pouts:  The naysayers were a big, raucous group, (read: bullies) including everyone from presidential candidates…to senators and scholars…and authors…  Well, damme, Missy Tara, that sounds like a big group of conspiritors and domestic terrorists to me.  Ha, ha, ha on them.  Right?

     ‘Now that Libya seems to have turned out all right, with the (domestic terrorists) controlling most of Tripoli…the critics look overly cautious, if not plain wrong.’  says Miss Tara.

    Well, Tara, in the coin flip of this big game I got Gaddafi as my team and you and the GBE appear to have gotten the Domestic Terrorists so I’ll have to file a complaint because your team had twelve men on the field which is illegal in this here global super bowl game.  No, I don’t feel overly cautious or just plain wrong.  The fact that the domestic terrorists appear to be in position to score a goal means nothing.

     Besides if you and the GBE favor domestic terrorists so much why don’t you encourage the GBE to step down before his actions incite the same rebellion he incited in Libya against Gaddafi?

     Check the score card.  Nobody wants the Great Black Elephant in DC anymore than they did Gaddafi in Tripoli.


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