Orthodox, Pagan And Heretic

Orthodox, Pagan And Heretic


R.E. Prindle


     The current social scene appears to be a quagmire for most observers.  For instance, Robert Weissberg writing on the V-Dare site titles his article: White Nationalists As The New Queers.  This opinion misses the truth.  The answer to the social dilemma does not lie in contemporary manners or politics but has to be viewed in the light of Charlemagne’s forcible conversion of the Saxons in the ninth century and then everything becomes comprehensible.

     The current Liberal ascendancy considers itself as Orthodox and the White Nationalists/Saxons as pagans outside the Law.  Heretics remain unbelievers who can be excommunicated as was the subject of Robert’s article the Catholic NYC school principal Frank Barzellieri.  He was fired for being both a pagan and a heretic.  His views did not represent those of the Roman Catholic Church, he was not Orthodox.

     Now, back in the ninth century Charlemagne undertook the conquest and conversion of non-Catholic Europe for the Pope.  The Saxons put up a particularly stubborn resistance so that it was necessary to exterminate them if they wouldn’t accept the Catholic Church.  This nearly happened.  Once the Saxons ceased to resist and ostensibly became Othodox any further dissension was heretical and merited capital punishment.  This is the way the human mind worked then and the way that it works now whether Liberal, Moslem or whatever.  This was essentially the same as the Spanish Inquisition in which the Jews and Moslems were given the choice of conversion or expulsion.  Once ‘converted’ Moslems and Jews were closely watched for any heretical practices or views.

     In any religious movement or belief, which is assumed to equal Truth, no dissent, no questioning of tenets can possibly be allowed because as the beliefs are based on irrational assumptions or desires the beliefs cannot stand up to impartial inquiry hence they are  false.

     But nothing can shake those irrational beliefs- not flash mobs, not outright warfare from protected ‘minorities’ like Moslems and Negroes.  Liberals believe Faith will triumph over Reality.

     The situation shuld not be viewed in comparison with the post-French Revolution political structure but to that of the Age Of Faith of Charlemagne’s time.

     Religion vs. Science.  This is serious stuff and we had better start treating it accordingly.  Do not think for one moment that persuasion will be effective.


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