Rolling Thunder Over Viet Nam


Rolling Thunder Over Viet Nam


R.E. Prindle

     It should be clear from the events in Britain that the White Liberal governments of Europe and America have chosen Blacks and Moslems as their constituency while rejecting the White current majority in the two areas.

     In a not so covert manner nor yet open these governments are making war on the White majority through the agency of the Blacks and Moslems.   To send police into what appears to be a combat situation with only defensive crowd control devices such as shields indicates a desire to limit and control offensive  maneuvers without defeating them while protecting the enemy paramilitaries from injury.  The supposed rebels are treated with great delicacy while being allowed to destroy property and injure or humiliate Whites.

     While televised reports show only Blacks creating the havoc we are shown White men in front of the enemy lines being manhandled by the EK.  Of those claimed to be arrested I shouldn’t be surprised to find a very high percentage of Whites.  The media, a tool of the Liberal governments denigrate White retaliation whether offensive or defensive as ‘vigilantes’ as though that were an evil term.

     Hence we have a permissiveness toward the rebels although in what appears to be what might termed a ‘controlledd burn’  while there is a total emasculation of the Whites as the other.  The psychology being applied clearly points toward a Jewish management of Liberals.

     At this point from the White point of view we have Misrule of a coalition of Liberals, Blacks and Moslems with the EK, Eichmann Korps, in another word, police, taking orders to injure their own people.  And like an Eichmann they seem quite willing to send their own people to the equivalent of the gas chambers.  I mean, look at it.   The EK, police, are the enemies of the People, the White majority and should be so treated unless they renounce their role.

     In the US Black flash mobs are given a free hand.  Obviously there is coordination between that situation and the Blacks in Britain.  The EK dither ‘unable to comprehend what is happening.’  Obviously they are dissimulating.

     Disregeard the media, ignore the EK and condemn the governments no matter whether they call themselves Liberals or Conservatives, they are on the same team.  Whatever they do is instigation of the rebels or control of the Whites.  Look to yourselves, interfere with every government in any possible way.  Bring the monster down.  Remember St. Bomber Billy Ayers who let the way in the sixties.   Show them what Rolling Thunder means.


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