Freud, Judaism And Mental Health

Freud, Judaism And Mental Health


R.E. Prindle

Sigmund Freud: The Master Of Fantasy

     The astute Kevin MacDonald of the Occidental Observor has been quick to offer analyses of Anders Breivik’s manifesto as in the above linked article.   Breivik’s analysis of Judaism is however faulty.  By no means do I wish to deminish him in anyway; he is a great patriot.  He is incorrect when he says that: ‘Today’s conservative and want-to-be Nazis are ignorant when they obsess so much over the Jews.’  Perhaps incorrect might be a better word than ignorant.  They could apply their efforts in a more productive manner however.

     One must understand the nature of the mental aberration known as Judaism.  At the same time one should put some thought into its antithesis Homer and Greek Mythology.  Judaism must be approached from a Freudian psycholological point of view.  Judaism is a religion based on disappointed expectations and over compensation to reverse the disappointed expectations..  In other words Judaism is a religion based on a deep depression.

     In Freudian terms Jews live completely  in their inner world of wishful thinking; that is to say, a dreamworld.  They are virtually dissociated from outer world of appearances.  Nature as understood by the scientific Aryan has no meaning to them thus Science is foreign to their way of thought, detested and must be destroyed by any means necessary.

     Breivik as quoted by Kevin from a section of the former’s manifesto entitled:  The Great Satan, His Cult And The Jews completely misunderstands the relationship of Judaism to reality.  Hitler was not the Great Satan and he had nothing to do with the manifestation of Judaism.  There is nothing the Jews are doing today that they would not have been doing if Hitler had never lived and there were no so-called holocaust.

     In the US in 1940 the year that the Jewish program in the US took its current form it was done with no influence from Hitler.  As Kevin points out elsewhere the Jews declared war on Hitler at his accession in 1933.  This war was being waged throughout the Western world especially in the United States which the Jews had recognized as the ideal power base from c. 1900.  They used the Wilson and Roosevelt administrations to achieve their ends.

     It matters nothing that Hitler lived or tried to wipe Judaism from the face of the earth by any means necessary.  It had no effect on the psychotic vision of Judaism or their attempt to realize their disappointed expectations.  Read the ravings of Deutero-Isaiah and Ezekiel.  These two ancients were actual madmen and their psychosis lives on in contemporary Judaism.

     There can be no compromising with Judaism anymore than there can be with the Semitic Moslems.  It is an either- or situation.  The Semitic way or the highway.  Either you accept Semitism or you die.

     It is not necessary to look any further than Jewish psychology for the problem.  Outside influences, and that includes Hitler, cannot affect it.  Judaism requires anti-Semites to justify its psychological condition.  Judaism merely projects its worst desires on the others.  Judaism is a psychological malaise.  Understand that and you understand the problem


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