Brother Nathanael’s Jewish Humor

Brother Nathanael’s Jewish Humor


R.E. Prindle

     In the first video linked above the Moslem clergy clearly enumerate what everyone but the most obtuse have known for decades; the Moslems intend to impose their religion on the whole world, specifically Europe and the Americas.  They correctly interpret Anders Breivik’s assault on the Liberal elite of Norway as an attack on themselves in the category of their own bombing of the WTC.

     In this video they make it sould like Stoltenberg is their agent.  He may be.  Here the clerics say that they are going to impose their religion on the West.  Stoltenberg converted the message into political terminology saying that he and his associates are going to force more and more ‘Democracy’ on the West.  In other words, Moslemism, that is Sharia Law = Democracy.

     There you have it.  If you don’t get the message you deserve what happens to you.


Bro. Nate- Would anyone take this guy seriously?

     In the second video ‘Brother’ Nathanael, a Jew posing as a Christian plays a mean joke on the boobs  who refuse to believe the evidence of their senses.

     Bro. Nate wears a parody of a Christian uniform.  He seems to be combining Greek and Russian Orthodox with the Roman Catholic.  The Red Cross on the helmet may represent the Communism Jews have always been accused of.  The absurd crucifix is a sure sign that the video is a Jewish put on.

     Bro. Nate mockingly says that he was a Jew but has now become a Christian. (Smirk, smirk)  If you haven’t got the joke yet you’re sleepwalking.  Bro. Nate then jokes along about Jews controlling the media.  For those of the goyim who deny the evidence of their senses Nate enumerates the Jewish owners of the media mockingly saying that the Jews have always known it and, yes, they were actually quite proud of it.  Of course any of us with a half ounce of sense were as knowing as any of the Jews but whatever the Jews acknowledged in private they denied in public while denouncing the wise as anti-Semitic daring anyone to contradict them at the cost of being socially blacklisted while losing one’s job.  Yuk, yuk, The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion was true too, ya dunces.

     OK Brother Nathanael we get the joke and are laughing along with you heartily.  Now, get out of Black Butte and don’t come back.


8 comments on “Brother Nathanael’s Jewish Humor

  1. Non sense u trying to discredit him cause exposed the truth . U dont to come out .. i dont agree with him puting all the jewish in one boat but cant hide the fact that jewish ride america like a bitch againist the interest of the real american not a joke my friend is reality ..may dumb ass americans can believe ur shit but not i am no american thank god for that

  2. Something that I don’t get with Brother Nathanael is that why did he convert from Judaism to Christianity in first place, and why did he become a monk? It feels like there is something missing in his story.

    I think many of the clips (I haven’t seen them all) are interesting but somehow I don’t feel he believes in what he is saying. Maybe the intonation in his speech is just a habit but interestingly he doesn’t have the same intonation when he talks about himself as he has when he for example talks about the 9/11 possibly being a Mossad operation.

    I seriously don’t understand what role he has in all this and why he is doing all this stuff. I mean, what is the benefit to him? Getting paid for Youtube views?

  3. Arthur: I get the feeling of insincerity too. One account I read, I forget where the community was, Bro. Nate showed up as a vagrant and the Jewish community tried to help him. They portrayed him as so crazy that he couldn’t be reached. Eventually he became such a nuisance that he was essentially excommunicated, driven from the community to reside with the gentiles. Excommunicated as a nuisance; how probable is that. So, his origins are suspicious.

    I don’t know if he ever converted or just adopted this wacky costume and persona. The outfit seems to be a combination of Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic with a Communist tincture. The first video I saw of him was when he was on a street corner with an enormous cross. Lately he seems to filmed in front of Black Butte so he may be living up there. Got him off the streets anyway.

    As far as his delivery goes he may be trying to be hypnotic. He gives you that direct gaze and really emphasizes his words.

    I think he’s posing as a ‘Good Jew’ which is always worth something. There always seems to be a number of Jews around who are telling us how it really is, everything we believe is true is really true. When Henry Ford was running his articles some Jew named Rosen showed up to hoax him with a letter saying he was absolutely right but he didn’t know how right. So, Bro. Nate seems to be of that class.

    The latest video I’ve seen tells us that the Jews are pushing for gun control to disarm us while Israelis are locked and loaded plus having nuclear weapons. He mentions the billion or so bullets Homeland Security bought. Very plausible sounding plan of action. But, is the argument a result of his own analysis or is he being fed a script. He’s not worried about being silenced by being called an anti-Semite in any event. Seems suspicious that his fellow Jews wouldn’t get the videos removed. They have others. Definitely racist.

    He has this Bro. Nate Foundation that is probably funded by simple Gentiles. If he is living in Black Butte someone must be donating living quarters. Some nice houses up there. Gets him off the street corner anyway. I’m sure he must be collecting some money for denouncing his fellow Jews.

    I can’t believe he is sincere or has ever converted. He’s just got a great costume.

    • I think we all know that darker times are ahead of us. So perhaps he is of the conviction that the judgement day will come to the Jews and the only chance for the Jews to come out of this with their lives spared is to fess up to their crimes and become Christians.

      In that context, who said X or did Y is no longer relevant as long as his message comes through and he doesn’t even have to believe in what he is saying. I think we all know that Jews are no innocent little lambs and they are responsible for many of the atrocities that have happened in the world until today. If something happens that are or can be linked to Jewish interests, no one will believe the Jews if they deny it even though they would be innocent.

      I think that Muslims are a bigger threat to Jews than whites so perhaps their only chance to deal with them would be to ally with the whites. If the whites are willing to ally with them that is. It’s such a weird thing that they let so many Muslims into Europe as that benefits no one including the Jews. That’s something that really confuse me. What are figures such as Barbara Lerner Spectre and Peter Sutherland really trying to accomplish and why? Things really don’t add up to me, that’s for sure.

  4. Well, Art, que sera, sera. Days of judgment definitely sound supernatural. Let history be your guide. Pay attention to the psychological realities. What is Jewish psychology?

    Jews have a victim/revenge psychology. If you follow the story of Cain and Abel, Cain was the elder, the big brother, Abel was the younger, little brother, a real whiner. Abel thinks Cain should coddle him, look out for him before himself. In big brother terms Abel is a royal pain in the ass.

    Like all little brothers Abel cozies up to his parents. A real ass kisser, Abel gives pop a better present than Cain. Cain resents this so instead of just punching the little bastard out he sticks a knife in him. No more Abel. He hoped. But Abel came back.

    There you have a capsule of Jewish history. The Jews stick their finger in the eye of every ruler. The Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Egyptians, the Hellenes, the Romans. What is the result? Cain kicks Abel’s ass around the block. The Romans leveled Jerusalem and forbade a single Jew to set foot in it. Of course, in the process the Jews undermined the Roman Empire leading to its demise.

    Jewish history subsequent to that is repetition after repetition of the same scenario until an exasperated Hitler and Stalin do their best to eliminate Abel just as Cain had. Did it work that time? No. The Jews revived and now they’re trashing America, their once Promised Land. It’s them. Ya dig? They’re shitting in their own bed. How smart is that?

    What will be the result? Will they succeed in killing big brother this time? You tell me.

    • Many Jews carry the fixation of fighting what they call “anti-Semitism” and now also racism. To them if a gentile as much as farts when a Jew walks by it is anti-Semitism. Also, I no longer see the meaning of racism. From my standpoint, racism looks like a good thing. Of course I prefer to mix with people of my own kind and I will make sure that my children grow up with people like me and won’t let them partake in some unethical multicultural experiment and so on.

      I have studied people like Kevin MacDonald and it seems that the movement of political correctness is quite extensive with roots starting at least with the founding of the Frankfurt school and Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis. At first when I heard about concepts such as “New World Order” it sounded like a good thing. We live in a small world and we have to cooperate, also with people with whom we may not want to socialize with. But when watching a video like this one:

      it becomes more obvious that their intention is rather to eliminate the western world and the white race. In the view of “political correctness” you are not supposed to be proud of your country and your own people. They appear to be fighting nationalism. I think the push for gun control laws is a part of this scheme.

      The Muslim brotherhood is planning to take over the whole Europe. They are urging all Muslims to procreate and get many children so that the Muslims will outgrow the other Europeans in numbers. They are also pushing to eliminate democracy and introduce Sharia laws. A group of Israelis infiltrated the Muslim brotherhood in Europe and made a 4 part documentary about it:

      I find this documentary quite disturbing. In the past decades the Jews have managed to suppress the Western civilization with the Holocaust which more and more looks like a big lie the more you investigate what really happened during WW2. Also Jews are exposed to this Holocost movement. Busloads of Israeli children are taken to places like Auschwitz and they make them cry their eyes out about it. Israeli Jews learn at an early age that “everybody hates them”.

      Thanks to the Internet, information spreads quickly and it seems like people are starting to wake up even though it may be too late. At the same time, there is a considerable political movement working against freedom of speech. Their motive is of course, to fight what they call “sexism”, “racism”, and “anti-Semitism”. I wouldn’t be surprised to see internet getting censored one day. Luckily it’s not an easy thing to do.

      People don’t mix and they prefer their own kind. It will always be that way and no amount of “political correctness” brainwash is going to change that. So perhaps there may not be an “end-of-the-world” or a Judgement day if you will, but from the looks of it a WW3 seems inevitable. Oh, and that Tim Wise Guy is a despicable creature from hell.

      If good old Doris Day lived to see the world as it is today, I wonder what her songs would be about.

  5. Art: You obviously have a clear understanding of the big picture, to coin a phrase.

    I see it that we are involved in a hundred years war in which the shooting began in 1914 that may be approaching a climax and may end in a WWIII or the conquest may be a psychological one without major warfare. Tablet Ezine published an article a little while back called The Most Important Battlefield in which words, propaganda, are considered the most effective weapon. So long as you can direct the mass mind with movies and TV actual weapons are unnecessary except for perhaps peripheral whipping in in such as the carefully controlled Arab Spring. A dangerous game however.

    Economically of course it is necessary to destroy the American economic hegemony transferring the ‘economic engine of the world’ to China. At the same time the anti-Aryan hate laws isolate the Aryan male with the goal one of his complete emasculation and loss of a sense of direction. Much as was done to the colored world during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. A reaction.

    Thus the colored world will have its revenge for that humiliation of the worldwide conquest (called colonialism because the satrapies were called colonies) by the Aryan.

    There are many, many aspects to the many revolutions occurring simultaneously of which the Moslem and Jewish wars are only two and those a part of a two thousand year old conflict.

    Being aware of what is going on is the important thing; recognition is sabotage. Our organizing work is cut out for us.

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