Anders Breivik’s Bomb

Anders Breivik’s Bomb


R.E. Prindle

“…I recognize that you’re non-partisan- but…I’m not.  Sometimes we simply cannot try to get along with everyone.  We cannot…be worried that some people will say, ‘Oh, they’re playing the race card.’  Those of us who are willing to step outside the box and fight for justice…must be prepared to take the criticism and make the sacrifice.”

Rep. Maxine Waters

Anders Breivik- Patriot

    Maxine Waters is a courageous Black woman who knows what she believes and is willing to stand up for it.  I cannot agree with her sentiments more.  I applaud them.  There comes a time when you must stand up and say no less than:  I will fight for justice.

     That moment came a few days ago for the equally brave Aryan Anders Breivik when he made his position unequivocably clear.  He made a bomb and ideologically chose the right target.  He went for the neck of the Hydra and not one of the heads.

     Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg also made his position clear in response.  He said in effect:  I care little how many of our glorious matyrs must die; we will give you more Democracy and yet more Democracy.  We will ram Democracy down your throat.

     In this manner the battle has been joined.  By Democracy PM Stoltenberg means that, one presumes, he will import more millions of Moslems and Africans till every single Norwegian woman has been raped and reraped and gang raped by our Moslem and African brothers.  It is to be noted that he didn’t complain about Breivik’s Bomb except as a symbol of resistance to his wishes while he chooses to meet force by force.

     Breivik’s Bomb put a period to the non-resistance to those wishes.  While one may deplore the move to violence on both sides one must echo the brave, determined African Maxine Waters, ‘we simply cannot get along with everyone’ thus will we-nil we there will be more and even greater acts of resistance spreading over an oppressed Europe and a tyrannically governed United States.

     One thing Breivik’s Bomb has made clear is that there can not and will not be a return to the  pre-9/11 status quo.  We cannot restore the past so we must fashion our future.  Forget the world of yesterday, we must fashion a future in which Semites are in no position to infuence our decisions, by any means necessary.  We must fashion a future in which African’s are quarantined by any means necessary.  And above all we must fashion a future where our Aryan women are delivered from the oppression of barbaric Moslems and Africans.  Moslems and Africans must be instructed that they are not even to look at Aryan women.

     In perhaps less violent ways, if possible, let us hope that Breivik’s Bomb has blown down the doors to our patience.  Let us now kneel and offer a prayer of thanks for St. Bomber Billy Ayers who has shown us the way to deliverance.  Anders Breivik is only the Bomber’s disciple.


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