What Are We To Make Of Anders Breivik?

What Are We To Make Of Anders Breivik?


R.E. Prindle


     As you undoubtedly know by now a Norwegian, Anders Breivik, recently set off a bomb in Oslo

Gene Robinson

hoping to kill its Liberal president.  We are told this is a heinous crime rather than a justifiable act of war.  The point is that you can drive a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.  Anders Breivik was simply a man who was told to renounce his racial identity by Liberal would be masters and rebelled.

     Now come the hypocrites from out of the woodwork.  A Negro columnist for the Washington Post, Eugene Robinson, opines that:

     The monster who admitted slaughtering at least 76 innocent victims in Norway was animated by the same blend of paranoia, xenophobia and alienation that fuels anti-Moslem sentiment in the United States.  Yes, it could happen here.

     I agree with Mr. Robinson that not only could it happen here but it most certainly will happen here.  When you create ‘paranoia’ in a man by standing before him with an iron rod in your hand demanding that he renounce his heritage it not only could but should happen here, in Europe or anywhere.  Are you nuts, Gene?

     Breivik’s act was merely an opening Aryan salvo in a Moslem war of Liberals that is Gene Robinson’s creation.

     Gene then goes on to compare Breivik withy the US citizen Timothy McVeigh.  One wonders what Gene is smoking or shooting.  Does he know why Timothy McVeigh perpetrated his horrendous deed?  Does Gene Robinson of the gilded blinders have a clue?

     Unless he is totally obtuse or in drug induced euphoria he may recall that McVeigh’s crime was a revenge for a Presidential crime in Waco, Texas.  If you remember David Koresh had a religious commune that Mr. Bill, Suck This, Clinton hated.  Because Pres. Clinton hated Koresh so much he called in the Army to exterminate the commune in a manner reminiscent of Hitler’s attempted extermination of the Jews.

     In 1956 when Soviet tanks rolled into Hungary we were horrified at this wanton use of force against innocent rebels.  And yet when the tanks rolled into Waco not one single voice was raised in protest at this unnecessary use of force.  As Koresh’s compound was torched a wall of applause was sounded.  Must have made the Hungarians feel good to have  support from such a people.

     What was Koresh’s offence?  It is said, we have the government’s word for it, no pictures, that Koresh was having sex with underage communicants.  Bill, Here Honey, Put This In Your Mouth, Clinton was horrified, or envious, you decide which.  So Bill just decided to burn those children rather than have them suffer the embraces of that other pervert.

     There were many of us who were horrified at Clinton’s wanton act of genocide against some harmless religious fanatics who would have harmed no one.  No One.

     Unlike Moslems who blow up 100 plus story buildings full of human beings Koresh and his followers hurt NO ONE.  No One.

     And while we’re on the subject, or as Gene is on the subject what is his response to Eric ‘My People’ Holder and his overseer Barack Obama?  The Dynamic Duo say they are not going to uphold the law when it involves Negroes.  Gene?  Your comment?

     Perhaps Gene would enlighten us as to his opinions on the wholesale slaughter of Whites by his fellow Africans in South Africa.  Paranoia Gene?  Xenophobia?  C’mon Gene, let’s here you justify it or perhaps you can direct me to your columns where you deplore this racist mayhem?   You won’t get flak from your Liberal friends no matter how ridiculous your defense.

     Really, Gene Robinson, your hypocrisy disgusts us all, not only me.  But tell me, if Mr. Breivik is a monster who after all only killed Whites that Moslem are raping at the rate of ten a day or so, what about this Moslem fellow in the US Army who gunned down a couple dozen of his fellow ‘American’ soldiers, not a Moslem in the bunch.  Was he a blend of paranoia, xenophobia and alienation?

     Gene, Gene, over here.  I’m anxious to read your explanation.  Write another column.


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