Lessons In The Occult III

Lessons In The Occult III


R.E. Prindle

Master Of The World

   With the discovery of the applications of steam, projects such as the laying of the rail line were beyond the financial capabilities of any individual while the risks were too great for one to party to willingly assume.  Hence the arrival of share companies and its consequent share or stock market.  At nearly the same time the great looting of the Elector of Hesse by the Rothschilds was accomplished resulting in the bond market which allowed the Money Trust great influence in the conduct of political affairs.

     Currency handling required an extensive and concentrated banking system so that interest bearing instruments here-to-fore the monopoly of Jews granted de facto by the Catholic Church as a matter of religious principle came to an end.

     In mid-century the investment banking firm of J.P. Morgan came into existence in London later removing to New York.  Around 1900 the Jewish world government was transferred from France to New York also.  It was from NY that the defeat of the Russian Czar in the Russo-Japanese War of 1905 was engineered by Jews using goyish money placed  in trust.  With the transfer of half the Jewish population of the Pale Of Settlement, largely to NYC that city and environs then became a virtual colony of the Jews although that fact has never been acknowledged.

     Currency and stock manipulation was now developed.  In 1913 a major engine to further the religious appropriation of the world’s wealth was created when a combination of Jews and goyim somehow persuaded the US Government to grant them control over US currency as a private company.   This miraculous feat elevated the Global Money Trust to a par status with the most powerful nation in the world.

     Thus this cabal of essentially religious minded men put themselves into a position of world wide management of currency being able to print money at their discretion and dispose of it as they wished.  This was a major step toward the Currency Corner they desired.  Thus over the next several decades they achieved by the use of currency power over every government regardless of its political direction..  What could have been done no other way was achieved by the control of currency.

     With the post-WWII establishment of a United Nations great global banking concerns such as the World Bank and IMF were  created.  In the name of economic development loans were forced on all countries with money essentially printed by the Global Money Trust.  Thus a claim could be made on all of ‘God’s Green Earth’ returning it to the ownership of the ‘Priesthood.’

     In the meantime however the development of the human mind rendered the ideological basis of religion and the Priesthood invalid along with their claims.  There is no God and no patrimony for the Priesthood to legitimately appropriate.

     The contest now then is between the Scientific Consciousness and the Religious Consciousness.  Will superstition triumph over rationality or vice versa?  Will the human mind triumph or be eclipsed?   The answer lies with us.  Arise and on to victory.


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