Lessons In The Occult II

Lessons In The Occult II


R.E. Prindle

Higgins, Godfrey, Anacalypsis, 1833, Lulu Reprint

     So, Wolf Hitler had three objects in mind, he wished to destroy Communism, Judaism and the Global Money Trust.  To succeed he needed the passivity of England, France and the United States.  This was not to be granted as unfortunately  they were all under the controlling infuence of Communism, Judaism and the GMT.  The first two could be dealt with militarily but the Money Trust could not.

     Who was and is The Global Money Trust?

     Their names are known only in a general way as they choose to be ‘unknown superiors’ or, in other words, are very discreet which is indeed a wise precaution.  How do we know they exist?  Why, if for no other reason than because they have to, someone has to be directing affairs.  Financial matters just don’t happen they have to be caused.  Elementary, my dear Watson.

     What are they after?  The answer to that is found just after the breeze split the firmament.  At some time when the human mind became organized enough to begin to reason, which the wind splitting the firmament symbolizes,  it would appear that it was thought that the earth- the dirt, the acreage, the ground that one walks on-  belonged to the gods and mankind were essentially renters.  Of course there is no god but there is a priesthood that speaks and acts in the gods’ names.  This priesthood is currently the Global Money Trust.  So this priesthood believed and believes that the earth belongs to them in the gods’ name.  While there have always been difficulties in realizing this goal the goal has and does remain the same.

     You may smile or even openly laugh but let me remind you that in the contest between the ‘spiritual’ Roman Catholic Church and the temporal kings during the Middle Ages the Church and the Templars, religious institutions, succeeded in acquiring huge swaths of land in opposition to the temporal powers.  This fact necessitated their expropriation which was achieved during the secular Enlightenment.  So, in the West at least the priestly goal was temporarily aborted.

     But, as the Enlightenment progressed the ownership of land ceded first place to the acquirement of money.  The ownership of land became secondary to the control and management of currency.  Thus, the ‘priesthood’ shifted from real estate to banking.  The stock market and modern financial methods began to take their current form in the nineteenth century, until now that global monetary institutions such as the IMF, the World Bank and the US Federal Reserve are directing the financial affairs of the globe to which all governments are subject.

     You may not think the Fed, the IMF and World Bank are connected to the ancient priesthood but as the goal of each is the same I think you should keep the legendary open mind and think about it.

     So now we have Hitler and the Nazis very aware of the three-in-one: one in three- the Trinity of the Global Money Trust, Communism and Judaism.  As there are millions who today believe this evil Trinity is out to enslave the world Wolf Hitler may be forgiven for believing the same thing.  How can all these millions be wrong?

     What was to be done?

    The inquiry continues to the next post.



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