Lessons In The Occult

Lessons In The Occult


R.E. Prindle

     Bob Dylan sings of change, Bomber Biller Ayers demands change with a bomb in his hand, Greil Marcus hungers for change, screaming his lungs out, and Barry Obama says that he has brought change to the peoples of the world that they can believe in.   I hope Barry tells the truth because there are some changes that I’d like to see, changes that I can believe in.  One is the lifting of the historical censorship imposed on us by, need I say it, the Jews.

     This suppression of the investigation of history involves, who else but Adolf Hitler.  Wolf Hitler, the famous bete noir of the Jews.  While I can see that they have reasons for hating the very name of Wolf Hitler I don’t find those reasons compelling for suppressing historical realities.  Nor have I forgotten those historical realities.  They are ever present in my mind.  In point of fact Hitler was a very great man with a clear sighted  vision of what was going on.  And what was going on?

     Hitler realized the futility and perniciousness of the Global Money Trust.  Nor was he alone.  We are supposed to be horrified because Wolf was involved in, dare I say it except in hushed tones?, the Occult.   Who-o-o.  And what is the occult?  Well, the Jews worship the occult in the Kabbala, the Zohar and, how daring can I be- the Talmud.  The Free Masons have or had their hidden agenda, the Catholic Church has theirs.  The Jesuits…well, a Jesuit is forbidden from ever being elected as Pope because of their occult leanings.

     However as Wolf was involved in the ‘Occult’ then one imagines he must have been studied in it.  Indeed, we are told, absurdity of absurdities, the Nazis sent an expedition to Tibet in search of the solution of occult mysteries.  But then how absurd is that?  Not very.  After all the Aryans are said to have risen in Bactria which is next to Tibet and above the Indus Valley while also ranging above Persia, Anatolia and hence the Middle East.  And where did occult lore originate?  Why Bactria, the Indus Valley and Persia.  So how odd can it be that the Aryans sent an expedition to their homelands in search of their ‘roots?’  Not very at all.

     So we can conclude that the Nazis were no less obsessed about their homeland than say – the Jews.  The Jews are upsetting the world by their ‘occult’ notion that their ‘god’ gave them Palestine in perpetuity and no one else is entitled to set foot on it.  Is that strange or what?  Is than an ‘occult’ claim?  I think so.

     And yet these Israelite occultists with their absurd territorial claims, their Zohar, their Kabbala and their Talmud profess to be horrified by the same characteristics in Hitler and his Nazis.  How strange is that?  Strange, stranger, strangest.

     And now, what about this Global Money Trust.  Who are they and what do they want?  What’s behind that?  It may take another post or two to delve into that.


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