John Galliano, France And The Jews

John Galliano, France And The Jews


R.E. Prindle

     One is embarrassed for John Galliano whose trial was held this week.  One wonders at his ‘defense’ attorney, Aurelian Hamelle’s, defense:  I was temporarily insane from drug use, can’t remember anything, and I am not responsible for my actions.  The man is dangerous.  Hitler should have tried that one and seen how far it got him.  ‘I wasn’t responsible for my actions; it was the amphetamines and acute anxiety, I don’t remember a thing but I would like to sincerely apologize to the Jews. Please forgive me.’  Instead the poor schlub shot himself.  John, did you hear that?

     Forget this 34,000 dollar fine.  The fine is an insult to add to the injury of tens of millions of dollars lost income over the next five years or so not to mention that John will never work again.  Apparently the whole fashion industry is in Jewish hands.  After the pound of flesh the fine is merely coming back for an extra two ounces in baksheesh.  Over here in the United States the Jews say they fervently believe in freedom of speech.  I always thought that applied to all Jews but in France I guess the Jews think differently.  I sure hope their attitude doesn’t spread to the US.  With the freedom of speech which our Jews fervently believe in it would still have cost John all those lost revenues and his future but he wouldn’t be insulted by the 34,000 dollar fine.

     But France, what can you say about France where Sarkozy is calling for a law compelling White woman to mate with Africans.  Consider this:

     And for a more light hearted take on the trial, Simon Doonan [whoever he is] weighs in on Slate, recalling all the Jews who helped him in his career in fashion:

“I suspect that John Galliano could, were he thus inclined, tell a story very similar to mine.  Now that he is (fingers crossed) sober, I hope he can sincerely acknowledge how much of his success he owes to the kindness and support of Jewish mitzvahs, machers, schmatta kings, fashionistas and, most imprortantly customers.  Newsflash, WASPs don’t shop!”

     I might suggest to Simon Doonan that he watch his mouth, sober or not.  WASP is a derogatory term referring to Americans of English descent.  Perhaps Mr. Doonan, is a Catholic, gets his jollies defaming Protestants rather than Jews, I don’t know.

      As he seems to live in a world populated entirely by Jews one is amazed that he would even know what a WASP is.  He certainly couldn’t have any experience with us.  Or does he mean WASPs are inconsequential because according to him we don’t shop but Catholics, Jews, Moslems and others of the poor benighted heathens do.

     While the French have amply provided absurd remedies for insulting Jews and other ‘minorities’ they seem to have made it open season on WASPs.  One would have to question the French sense of justice, not to mention the Jews, since Mr. Doonan seems to be speaking in their name.

     I have no doubt that Galiano was set up and provoked.  As strange as it may seem that five Israelis set up cameras to film the planes hitting the WTC which implies advance knowledge not only was a filmer present to photo Galliano at close range but there was a photographer behind him filming both he and Galliano but not the complainants.   How likely is that?

     Aurelian Hamelle, Galliano’s lawyer, should have his ticket lifted for not noting the obvious unless he’s in collusion with certain people.  Whatever respect I may have had for Galliano has vanished, gone like twenty million dollars.  Not guilty is the only reasonable plea.  Hitler would have understood.


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