Debbie Lipstadt On How To Study Anti-Semitism

Debbie Lipstadt On How To Study Anti-Semtism


R.E. Prindle

Give 'em hell, Debbie

     Debbie Lipstadt acts the instructor in the above linked article but fails to deliver the promised instruction.  Not surprising, as Deb seems to be resting on her academic laurels if she ever had any.  She seems to be turning into a ‘professional Jew.’  The best way to study anti-Semitism is to study Semitism.  Once you understand Semitism anti-Semitism will become clear to you; you won’t need to study it.

     If you want to understand Semitism and its concommitant anti-Semitism all you need to do is study the story of Cain and Abel, ingest its lessons.  Nuff said.  Deb’s complaint here is that Yale University isn’t running its Semitist studies department to her satisfaction.  That they even have one astounds me.  When I was an Ancient History major in grad school we were told that een if we mentioned Jews we would be bounced.  Try studying Roman History excluding the Jews. It’s no longer history; it can’t be accurate.  So you see how things have changed.  You can mention anti-Semitism but only if you castigate yourself and say nice things about the Jews.  It would be like Simeon Bar Yohai  had never existed.  No, Deb, it won’t be scholarship; it will be advocacy because that is all the Jews will allow.  You are correct however in saying that advocacy has no place in scholarship.  That’s why Yale got rid of the department.  Duh!

     Nevertheless Debbie plows straight ahead just as though she still had that poor schlub David Irving on the rack before a compliant judge.  Deb says:  These institutions could explore why hatred persists even after the Holocaust starkly demonstrated what (anti-Semitism) could “accomplish”.  What about anti-Semitism makes it so malleable that it is able to recreate itself in such a wide array of settings, cultures and ages?  They might also ask why the world’s oldest hatred has recently been so little studied and analyzed.

     You must be kidding Debbie!  C’mon, you can’t kid an old kidder like me.  One might well  ask why Semitism takes up so much of the daily news  I mean, who really cares about Jews except Jews?  Yet 25% of the daily news concerns Jews.  Everything put into a Jewish context.  Straighten your mind out Debbie.  I’ve read a couple dozen of  astoundingly revealing’ books on anti-Semitism.  They’re all the same Debbie.  The poor innocent Jews, the true crown of creation  of G-d, were innocently living their lives, noses pressed into the Talmud,  when these deranged, crazed, bigoted lower class gentiles assaulted them.  There are varieties of assault but that’s the whole story.  The Jews needed an army of Golems to avenge themselves.  And you want innocent White children to take classes that portray themselves as sub-humans and Jews as Saints? even though the most casual research will show otherwise?  yet you demand they ignore the results of their research?

     Let me be blunt, Deb, you’re a darn cute girl, but you should be fired by Emory University.  You don’t know what either scholarship or Semitism is.


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