Toadying To The Tea Party

Howard Kurtz

Toadying To The Tea Party


R.E. Prindle

     Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast has lost his grip on Change We Can Believe In.  Howard: There’s something going on here, man, and I just don’t understand why you don’t know what it is.  It’s this:  the Tea Party is in charge of Change We Can Believe In.  Maybe not you Liberalloonies can but ‘we’ can.  That’s what President Obama promised ‘us’ and he has delivered the baby.

     The grass roots, as you call it with some reason, Tea Party is in command, for a while at least, and old line smarmy Republicans have to change with the changin’ times.  You can dig that, Howard, can’t you?  It made sense to you a couple of years ago.  Our people and youse guys peoples are at odds.  For a definition of ‘youse guys peoples’ check with AG Holder who introduced the term into the argument, he can explain it to you.

     So rather than being an adjunct of your own Pederast Party the Republicans can either openly opt for youse guys and change partys or else adapt to the changin’ times.  Remember that thing about buggy whips?  Let me remind you again, Howard, the times they are a changin’.

     Embrace that change, Howard, and accept reality, there is now an opposition that we can only hope won’t roll over and turn it up for youse guys.  And don’t try any of that smutty sex crap you favor either.  Everybody chases girls, girls chase boys,  and even boys chase boys is they’re not right in the head.  That’s right, Howard, we’re not going to put up with crap from the Pederast Party over your Homosexual thing.  If you’re men you can take the heat or if you’re  wusses you can get out of the kitchen.  And all that racist and anti-Semitic crap isn’t going to fly anymore either.  Own up to the facts or shut up.    Mark that down in your little book.

     Debbie Libstadt can keep her silly opinions to herself too.  In her new book about Eichmann she descries the Israelis kidnapping Eichmann from Argentina as a symphony of crimes against international law by Israel and is proud of it.  What does that say about Debbie, I wonder? Or Israel?

     So, no, Howard, the Republicans are not toadying up to the Tea Party, they are recognizing that Change Is Now.  You should too, Howard.  Like you say, it’s a grass roots movement of the ‘people’, read that: tidal wave of Change We Can Believe In.


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