Putting Party Ahead Of Country Every Time

Putting Party Ahead Of Country Every Time


R.E. Prindle



Michael Tomasky

    The ‘sadness and rage’ of Michael Tomasky writing on The Daily Beast ‘intensify every time he thinks of the Republicans trying to reduce the National Debt.’  Our economic major Mike Tomasky apparently believes you can go on spending twice your income in the trillions idenfinitely.  Well, it’s worked for the last seventy years or so hasn’t it Mike?  I don’t know what your plan for keeping the balls in the air is but I can tell you this- it won’t work.

     Simply put Obama and his Jewish economic wizards are going to have to cut a trillion an a half from the budget.  With all the garbage Obama is spending money on I don’t fully understand why medicare is the prime target of the Republicans.  Actually if Obama set up a computer program to eliminate fraud in the system he could probably save 20 trillion dollars (over 40 years) right there.  Administering Medicaid properly could probaby save another 10-15 trillion (over 40 years).  If Pres. and Congress took a 15% pay cut that would be worth a trillion (over 40 years).  So at the end of forty years there might be some real savings.

     Mike then makes a reference to ‘the history of this republic.’  What happened to the Democracy the Liberals always yell about?  Republic is Tea Party fare.  Mike says that the Republicans’ goal is not to help the economy but to make Obama a one term President.  Mike can relax on the latter clause because there is no Republican in sight that I, for one, would vote for thus eliminating my vote.  Plus I don’t think there is any doubt but that Obama’s skin tone alone will pull him through.  On the former clause I would suggest that Mike take his head out of that dark spot and ask himself- what economy?  Apparently he lives in that mythical time in the sixties ‘when moderate Republicans rolled over for liberal wish-list items back in the 1960s.’  I think he intended a capital L in liberal.  I guess Mike hasn’t got the news that our economy was shipped to China, Mexico and points North, East, South and West a decade or more ago.  He missed the need to know meeting about how over half the employees of this great nation are employed by the government which generates no wealth, merely consumes it.  Maybe Mike the Liberal thinks that is ‘liberal.’

     The only advice I can give ya Mike is stop smelling the roses and pay attention to the world around you.  Lay off the coke an poppers too.

PS.  What does ‘gastric partisan’ mean?


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