Nature, Science And Darwin

Nature, Science And Darwin


R.E. Prindle

R.E. Prindle

     There seems to be a rising tide of rejection of Charles Darwin and evolution along with a deep seated rejection of science.  The rejection is no longer religiously based but is caused by racism or rejection of scientific facts for racial reasons.

     Non-white races complain that Darwinism is essestially a program that promotes White supremacy while scientific disoveries do the same.  This as an acknowledgment of the truth of the scientific findings and Darwinism.

     As science merely explicates Nature through a process of abstract intelligence then the non-White races are in revolt against Nature  and not science or Darwin which are merely messengers bringing unpleasant news to the lesser evolved, that is those with lower IQs, with a lesser or non-existent capacity for abstract reasoning.

     What can those unfavored by Nature do about it?  There is only one thing, to deny the more favored either by perverting legal proceses or outright violence, that is extermination.   As only Whites, that is some Whites, are more highly evolved the enemy is identified by his complexion.

     The problem has been that rquals have not been oppressing equals but that in Whites exhibiting their superior reasoning powers  non-Whites have been required by Nature to accept inferior positions.  As might be expected this has caused deep and abiding resentment as non-Whites realize that they are condemned to inferiority forever.  They can’t compete.

     In the case, for instance, of Africans, they have been in close contact with advanced thinking Whites for approximately 400 years.  In those four centuries Whites have advanced a hundred fold intellectually while Africans have remained static.  They are today where they were 400 years ago.  Thus no Black universities have been developed by Blacks for Blacks.  White universities have been open to them, there has been no attempt by Whites to hold them down.  Vast libraries of knowledge gathered exclusively by Whites have gone untapped by Africans.  Africans have copied no White skills.  Quite simply they are where they were from the beginning.  Nor is this response confined to the continent of Africa.  Having been transported throughout the West, Brazil, the Caribbean, North America and more recently Europe the result is the same.

     Africans understand Darwin and they don’t like his teaching.  In areas where they have been able to replace White dominance, by any means necessary, the result while shameful, was predicted by any right thinking White person sixty or more years ago.  In Zimbabwe where the Blacks gained power three decades ago they have now dismantled the White civilizatgion which is so offensive to them while killing or expelling all Whites.

     In the Union of South Africa where the Blacks have been more recently placed in power by European and American White Liberalloonies the civilization is rapidly deteriorating as Black Africans entrench themselves in the positions of power.  Any White with any sense would have left South Africa years ago, never mind that they had been there for nearly a half millennium.  There was no hope.  If they had taken up arms to defend themselves, if they were to do so now, they would undoubtedly have been crushed by white Liberalloonies of North America and Europe.  Today those Liberalloonies applaud unspeakable crimes committed against Whites.  Crimes that all but the most obtuse knew must take place.  These Liberal nut cases worry themselves sick about genocide in Darfur, that is Blacks killing Blacks, while uttering not a word in defense of South African Whites.

     The same situation is developing the United States where Africans have inexplicably been given the reins of government by Liberalloonies.

     Already huge areas have been devastated, such as Detroit, turned into non-productive wastelands.  Black gangs roam the street of America beating Whites while the government controlled media report nothing.  White girls are forced into prostitution  by Black pimps, a Black President and Attorney General refuse to apply laws equally, excusing the crimes of ‘their people.’

     Meanwhile the world slides toward the stone age torpor of Africa.

     Nature has evolved the African and the Aryan but Nature evolved  the African first.  The early model is never as advanced as the later model.

     The attacks on Darwin and science go unanswered.  No counter offensive is offered.  This is a perilous moment in the history of evolution and the world.  It is tragic that earlier species of humanity remain to confound evolutionary advances.  In millennia past the great apes were driven from the lands of homo sapiens into the deep forest.  The Neanderthals and Homo Erectus met fates not yet determined or admitted but this time it seems like the evolutionarily advanced are to be eliminated by their own folly.

     Savagery awaits mankind.


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