Manipulating The Words And Symbols

Manipulating The Words And Symbols


R.E. Prindle

     If you think the various nationalities, races and religions of the US are not in competition for supremacy, think again.  There are several quiet fronts in action.

     The main thrust of the various ‘armies’ is to disarm and suppress the majority people, specifically the White male.  How can this be done witout a shot being fired, at least up to this time?  Patience has been a virtue.  The other is to manipulate words and symbols; empty them of their former content and replace that content with another but similar meaning.   Religously this is the way it has always been done.

     There are several movies that illustrate these methods.  The movies were made as instructional films for the initiated.  Three that I would recommend to get you started are:  A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence and Wag The Dog.  Also any of the Marx Bros. movies will do just fine.  These movies all illustrate methods to subvert the status quo.  They work just as well in reverse.

     In dispossessing the majority, as I say, one converts words and symbols to one’s own use while depriving the majority of them.  A key word of the majority was Democracy.  The old meaning was that the country was not a monarchy or aristocracy where birth was an entitlement to success but success was open to all (theoretically and nearly so in practice) on the basis of merit.  Thus the country was considered a meritocracy.  Of course a meritocracy automatically favors the more able which, in fact, discriminates against the less able but this is unavoidable.

     Beginning some time after The Great War the Jews led by the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League and perhaps the NAACP guided by astute propagandists such as Edward L. Bernays the meaning of Democracy began to be collectivized from the individual to the group- Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Moslems etc.  It was then argued that merit was no longer a key determinant but that Democracy meant that each group, each race, each nationality, each religion had to have a proportionate share of whatever was to be had.  Thus meritorious Democracy which had always been open to all irregardless of other considerations became a sort of aristocracy that depends on  birth- Jewish, Black etc. regardless of capability or merit.

     This type of group, then, including White Liberals, was organized into a coalition, an alliance,  to dispossess the White male by any means necessary legal, moral or otherwise.

     Of couse, this was a stealth attack executed in increments so that at first only ‘the lunatic fringe’, that is the alert or wide awake, was sharp enough to notice and they could be easily infiltrated and disabled so that no effective offense developed.

     Now that the plot against America is clear it remains to blow the whistle on these criminals  which includes controlling the terms of discourse and organize an offensive.  The Tea Party may be a start.  Think about it. Then act.


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