Words Are Not Bullets; Looks Do Not Kill

Words Are Not Bullets; Looks Do Not Kill


R.E. Prindle

     Lately we see a lot of claims that words are bullets.  No, words are not bullets except to the hypersensitive or deranged.  Words are tools.  Words are communication. Words are bridges.  As the sayings goes:  sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.  Words convey information and sometimes that information is unpleasant and if you are the one being informed it can be ‘hurtful.’  But then, nothing is good or bad except thinking makes it so.  You may think it’s hurtful but others may think it’s beneficial.  Imagine how ‘hurt’ the convicted murderer feels when the judge informs him: Life without parole.  Nothing’s good or bad but thinking makes it so.

     To describe words as bullets is to undermine the whole political discourse.  The description could be seen as a veiled attack on free speech.   This subversion of political discourse is obviously coming from the usual suspects.  After first legislating ‘hate speech’  these clowns are now attempting to control discourse by defining certain words as ‘bullets.’ and outlawing them.  Last we heard was that certain elements of the political spectrum were ‘vitriolic’ and that they should be shut up.  And before that the lack of  ‘civil discourse’ was lamented.  Were the ‘usual suspects’ guilty of these crimes?  No, it was the dissenters, the ‘domestic terrorists’- a fine use of words as bullets there.  If ever words were meant to kill that was it.

     The point is to not let the usual suspects control the direction of political discourse as they have for the last sixty years or so.  It is time to refuse to be intimidated by these ridiculous definitions. Don’t take the suggestion into your mind. Reject it.  Over the years you have been portrayed as evil by these people, Fascists, Nazis, the cause of all discontent.  The majority have accepted the accusations, the suggestions, and foolishly attempt to conform to other peoples expectations.   Once the suggestion is in your mind and accepted you will act to realize it.  Hence, the incredible feeling of guilt on which Liberal society if founded.  By believing their accusation you have become hypnotized  into being their puppets unable to defend yourselves.  They say ‘racist’ and you slump in abject dejection as if to use the words, beat me.

     Look what paying attention to Liberals  got White people in Africa.  They ran an orderly state in which the Black African benefited.  Today with the Africans in charge the countries deteriorate while White Africans are stripped of rights and murdered or worse.  Now, today, White Africans are arrested on frivolous charges and thrown into holding tanks with African criminals who are then encouraged by the guards to gang rape the defenseless Whites.

    My question is:  What are you going to do about it?  Put economic pressures on the Blacks to stop it?  Shout across the ocean:  You fellows, stop that now?  You aren’t going to do anything.  In your great Liberal humanity you’re going to say they had it coming.  Oh yes, you’ll do something.  You’ll complain about African inhumanity to man between Africans in Darfur.   Words are bullets.  Who are you kidding?  If looks could kill, you’d be dead.


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