Barry Obama Sets The Standard For Civil Discourse


Barry Obama Sets The Standard For Civil Discourse


R.E. Prindle

     You hear a lot from Barry about how uncivil the ‘right wing’ is.  He excoriates uncivil discoursers who see throught his opaque facade like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, he rags out the gutless Roger Ailes at Faux News; hurt Roger so bad he fired Glenn Beck.  Barry and George Soros ganged up on the hapless Rupe Murdock, I guess, and squashed him like a bug.

     Not that civil to squash someone just because they point out your ineptitude.  It’s not like thay had to work at it.  And then all those Domestic Terrorists that made their appearance after Barry was elected.  There wan’t nary a Domestic Terrorist in sight and then Barry came shuffling along.  He must have been doing some odd looking skip that created Domestic Terrorists from whole cloth.

     We could learn a lot about to how conduct ourselves just by looking at Barry’s friends and antecedents.  Why he’s got AG Holder protecting the Black Panthers.  There’s a civil lot for you.  Their history of polite civil discourse is remarkable.  Why just look at those voter intimidation charges that Barry had AG Holder suppress.

     Barry’s a quick learn and he had some of the finest teachers.  Barry was mentored by Bomber Billy Ayers.  Even the Bomber tut-tutted us about being more civil.  And I would be more civil when the Bomber is around; he didn’t get that nickname for nothing.

     He and his squeeze Bernie planted bombs all over the country; blew up lots of things. Sprung people from jail.  He and his Weathermen.  They were making bombs to blow up an army dance; blew themselves up instead.  Bomber had the good fortune to be somewhere else instead but, then, he always had that good luck.  When the armed car robbery and murders went down neither the Bomber nor squeeze Bernie were anywhere in sight.  They were good guys though, they adopted the child orphaned when his parents went off to serve some decades in jail.  Big hearted Bomber and squeeze Bernie.  They did miss the action though.

     Civil discourse?  What would Barry do if a bunch of little Bombers practiced the civil discourse he did rather than what he preaches?

     Oh, that’s right!  They executed that guy while Bomber Bill is guilty as hell and free as a bird.


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