John Galliano And The Death Of France

John Galliano And The Death Of France


R.E. Prndle

Careless Love

     I think there is more to the John Galliano Affaire than meets the eye  There appears to be an attempt to completely bankrupt and discredit him.  There’s a plot here that Balzac could do justice to.  I would recommend that John read Cesar Birotteau.

     Let’s look at Galliano’s ex-lawyer who happens to be Jewish and knows the law.  Galliano says the lawyer mismanaged three million francs, Euros, dollars, whatever.  Three million, still an adequate sum in these days of billions and trillions.   The lawyer naturally denies it yet celebrity money managers are notorious for appropriating their clients wealth.  (Hey, you and I don’t need more than a handshake, do we?)  Thus it is a more than reasonable assumption that Galliano is right and the lawyer guilty.

     Now, in the hands of Balzac Galliano becomes suspicious of the lawyer which the lawyer being able to read body language and other signs as lawyers are trained to do knows that Galliano suspects him finding it necessary to forestall him.  Galliano who has not been particularly discreet in voicing his opinions of Jews and his infatuation with Hitler while being near to a drunk gives the devious lawyer his opening.

     The lawyer gets some nice Jewish girls to sit near Galliano in a bar to provoke him into lauding Hitler and denigrating Jews, otherwise known as anti-Semitism.   In France denigrating Jews is nearly a capital crime.  It doesn’t merit the death sentence at present but that will probably be changed soon.  At the same time the lawyer has a photographer with a snappy digital camera recording sight and sound dog Galliano’s footsteps to get indiscretions on tape.  Galliano obliges and this insignficant incident in a bar is given the Lizzie Borden touch.  They should be singing ballads about this before June.

     France is a draconian country.  The penalties being imposed which includes complete bankruptcy are cruel and unusual punishment as we would think in the US.  Galliano within vitually moments of these videos being released is first fired from his prestigious job at Dior and, get this, his own company.  He now has no income but is foolishly incurring expenses  He now, having fired his old lawyer has to hire a new one.  Another major cash outlay.  It convicted as it seems almost certain he will be assessed a fine of tens of thousands of Euros and given a prison sentence of six months and possibly more.

     He will come out of prison, if he does, a completely discredited man with no employment possibilities.  He can’t do anything else so we’ll next see him at the corner station pumping gas.

     The time in prison, as Balzac would tell it, gives the Jewish lawyer plenty of time to cover his tracks while Galliano now completely broke doesn’t have the money necessary to sue the lawyer. John is SOL.  Balzac didn’t put it in these words but Paris is a tough cold city.

     France apparently no longer believes in the revolutionary slogan: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.  Screw that old fashioned stuff.  Jews are now the new royalty as much above the law as any Louis XIV ever was.  L’etat c’est nous.  (Hope I got that right.)

     And all this for an indiscreet, inconsequential word or two amongst fellow drunks  in a bar.  There is something wrong here, isn’t there?  Shabby, shabby, shabby.

     France, oh France, hang your head in shame.

The End.


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