John Galliano, Semitism And Anti-Semitism

John Galliano, Semitism And Anti-Semitism


R.E. Prindle

     The absurdity of the John Galliano case appalls me.  I watched the video provided by the Daily Beast. I’m not interested in the legality of it.  Galliano appeared to be responding in an argument.  He was being talked to.  Of course he should have known better than to argue with Jews.  They are best let alone.  The video was cropped to show only his remarks which were as temperate as they could possibly be and were out of context.  Whether he had been first taunted can’t be known from the video.  As a celebrity he was and is a target.

At the very most he can be accused of no more than being too frank.  Why someone videotaped this situation isn’t clear but we have an obvious setup.  Galliano is also accused of having said at some time:  I love Hitler.  Well, he’s a homosexual and Hitler is very attractive to the homosexual mind.  The confession has improbably been construed as ‘anti-Semitic.’

In the first place there is no probable cause for giving Jews any special legal protection not granted to the entire population.  In the second place while the very name Hitler may be horrific to the Jews, Haman is no less horrific and there is no ban on Haman’s name.  Both Hitler and Haman are historical figures.  That is a reality that cannot be denied.

If Galliano chooses to find Hitler lovable that is no cause for offence in anybody although they may disagree as to Hitler’s lovability.  If Jews wish to be offended then that is a Jewish problem with which society should not be concerned.  They should see their shrinks.

We are talking ancient history friends and neighbors.  I’m Global and very OK.  Haman is a little more ancient than Hitler but if you will notice both situations were identical and are now off the radar screen.  It is possible though not probable that something is wrong with everyone except the Jews.  I don’t think the whole world is wrong so if the Jews make everyone dislike them then maybe Jews should examine their behavior, ask themselves what does Semitism mean that is so antipathetic to everyone else in the world.

I don’t mean to be rude but Sigmund Freud reduced these problems to obvious psychological causes.  He called it Group Psychology.   The answer, like it or not, lies in Group Psychology, engineering sanity, to paraphrase Edward Bernays.  Examine your Weltanschauung and you will find that the true cause of  ‘anti-Semitism’ is your own attitude.

Is that too harsh an evaluation?

Leave guys like Galliano alone.  He was polite in stating the obvious, drunk or not.  Study your Freud and let people be and they will let you be.

Thank you for your attention.  Love ya all.


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