The Duel: Barry and The Trump, Act One

Barry And Trump


R.E. Prindle

     Howard Kurtz talks about the GOP’s liability on the fringe in the Daily Beast.  I thought the Daily Bleat was bad enough before their amalgamation with Newsweek under its wizard new management but since then they’ve lengthened their oar in an effort to find a lower bottom.  Imagine the Daily Bleat talking about  ‘the fringe’ as though it were foreign territory.

     A guy like Kurtz is nearly rational compared to the Newsweek stalwart transferring to the Bleat in an effort to find readers.  Dokoupil ventures well beyond any fringe even piercing through the bounds of rationality in the attempt to find new worlds to conquer.

     I watched Trump’s New Hampshire speech and was favorably impressed.  If Kurtz calls Trump’s reasoning beyond the fringe then he should toss a fur coat to Barry and ask him to come in from the cold.  When Barry gets into  his Frank Sinatra That’s Life act you know he thinks he’s in trouble.  Especially when Mitchie accentuates her Sorority act.

     And then Dokoupil and Rich Marin come up with a hate filled rant titled Dead Suit Walking in which they applaud BWMs not being able to afford their BMWs.  Of course BMW means Bavarian Motor Werkes but what may BWM mean  Why, Beached White Males.

     Two Coasts.  Two men who can’t find jobs.  And one defining moment for the men in the gray flannel suits who used to run the country.

      Obama’s stooges  can’t be any clearer than that.  Future changes aren’t that clear but it may be too early to gloat about the demise of the Beached White Males.  Other than being chronically unshaven Dukoupil although pale may be Moslem of some nationality while Marin sounds Hispanic.  Shades of the Soviet Union when all those Letts, Poles, Jews and Georgians dispossessed the native Russians.  If the national identifications are correct then the battle lines are being drawn.  It is important to know and acknowledge which side you are on.

     Such a clear definition could open the way for a real groundswell for Trump that might cross racial, religious and national lines.  He offers something that Barry and the Bleat looneys can’t while being something he can do and that is making the US respectable again.  Oh Lord, how good it would feel to have some pride in the country again.  If you want to know how he’s doing watch Barry to see if he’s doing his goofy Sinatra That’s Life act.

     Don’t let us down, Trump, it’s too late to turn back now.


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